Architecture Internship In South Korea


can someone please show me the way for how to do that? I am 2. grade architecture student in Turkey.

i try to contact to firms in south korea. But no-one answers me back.  At least let me to send my portfolio.. but nah..

Feb 22, 18 12:23 pm

I'm Korean. DON'T DO THAT.

Feb 22, 18 12:31 pm

So why? I am fully in love with South Korea and also your culture. So i want to know and live in South Korea


If you change your major or job then it's totally fine... but architecture firms, mostly no money + su + cad (they don't even use Rhino or Revit in most companies) + endless overtime work + nothing to learn except very few companies.


i do not have to choose office internship. i can choose construction internship. and to be honest i don't care about what they use or not. i just want to live in south korea. and somehow i gotta go there. and the best opportunity for me is to go there as intern. lol.

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