anyone ever used fiverr?  i'm seeing that you can purchase entire permit sets from $5 to $40 dollars in 2 to 3 days.  what??? 

Feb 13, 18 5:09 pm

No, never.

Feb 13, 18 5:18 pm

better off buying a sixerr

Feb 13, 18 10:10 pm
Actually screen shots from fivver:

fivver should be the go to recommendation for all the people looking for freebies on Archinect.

Feb 13, 18 10:54 pm
Non Sequitur

Was there not some wanker looking for advice on his Fiver kitchen renderings 2 weeks ago?

Feb 14, 18 12:00 am

I always like it when they use Architect as a verb

Feb 14, 18 6:38 pm

Geez.  Thanks guys for introducing me to this crap... I just spent an hour snooping around at the ridiculousness on if YouTube videos of frogs eating weird shit, flat earther memes, and the “people of” isn’t enough of a time drain...I have work to do Damn it!

Feb 15, 18 12:17 pm

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