For Architecture Buffs, a Mini Guggenheim Museum for Your Wrist


Here's something you can buy with your entire Christmas bonus -- get yours fast, since they're only manufacturing 500.

For Architecture Buffs, a Mini Guggenheim Museum for Your Wrist

Jan 3, 18 2:47 pm
Non Sequitur


Jan 3, 18 3:15 pm

totally cheesy

Nice to see you hanging around here again, stone!

I think this watch is nice, and I do wear a watch every day, but I can't afford this one!

Jan 3, 18 4:44 pm

This is so beautiful. I wish I had the dough.

Jan 3, 18 8:14 pm

Christmas bonus? Who said anything about anfucking Christmas bonus? I got jack shit for a bonus! Fuckkkkk! 

Jan 4, 18 12:07 am

I’n all honesty at that price point you better off saving for a entry level Rolex and be repsected by your clients. There is a guy I work with... comes in to work everyday with a fucking $40 Ross Dress for Less hockey puck watch.

Jan 4, 18 12:13 am

Living on the edge!

Jan 4, 18 1:42 am
Non Sequitur

yellow or fluorescent blue back lighting?


Yellow of course :)

Non Sequitur


Go gold or go home, plus it has function as well as form.


But that gold one is not getting me to Cuba plus my fat fingers can't operate all those buttons...

I like the design, but I don't like the 2nd year architecture student explanation of it. The inscription "Inspired by Architecture" on the bezel is over-the-top cheesy.

Jan 4, 18 11:16 am

Clearly not marketed towards architects but for people who are impressed by our title.

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