Pritzker 2018


That time of the year again folks. Was announced yesterday it seems so guess away.

If the results of the past 2 years are of any indication, I'd say it's someone of everyone's radar. There seems to be a stronger focus on sustainability of late.

Jan 3, 18 5:25 am

Still think Francine Houben/Mecanoo would be a worthy winner.

Jan 3, 18 6:04 am

I can think of several (Japanese) architects due for one, but it would be nice if they give Lina Bo Bardi a posthumous Pritzker. 

Jan 3, 18 7:57 am

I am not a fan of posthumous Pritzkers myself unless they finally give one to Vitruvius.


Donald Trump 

Jan 3, 18 6:27 pm

It's gotta be Peter Eisenman! It's gotta be!!! 

This is his year...I can just feel it!!! 

Jan 4, 18 1:02 pm

can a monkey produce literature?


Are you throwing shade at this:


You fools!

It's all too mainstream!!

Jan 4, 18 1:10 pm


Jan 4, 18 1:25 pm
Non Sequitur

I read that Sir R. Balkins is actually in some sort of architecture related college course.  I say give the man the recognition he deserves! 

Jan 4, 18 1:43 pm


Jan 4, 18 7:05 pm

Dogma is seriously awesome, hopefully next year I'll work with them if all goes right (knocks on trespa).

Kanye West.

Or Brad Pitt and his tiny hammer.

Jan 4, 18 7:10 pm

According to my bookie out in Las Vegas, Sally Bowles, these are the odds on favorites to win this year's Pritzker:

Peter Eisenman    2:4

Jeanne Gang

Jan 4, 18 8:11 pm

3:1                    Vanilla Ice   6:1                 Brad Pitt    8:1           


Well, Vanilla does have that home renovation show so that gives him some architectural credibility in the eyes of Pritzker.


Apple: "Providing Quality to the Core"

Jan 5, 18 3:07 pm

As much as I would hate to see it- BIG

Jan 7, 18 10:33 am

BIG’s projects are essentially siteless. They can be located anywhere as long as the concept can be reduced to a few formal diagrams. 

That is all BIG is good at- explaining and having a clear formal concept. Not to belittle that talent, but I really don’t think that is what a Prtizker prize is for... BIG was just able to apply a playful representational method that was able to attract developers who wanted something cool done quick and dirty.

“Cool” wasn’t a word allowed in architecture school, so I don’t see why critics would take it seriously either.

Jan 7, 18 12:00 pm

BIG is the true McDonald's of architecture. Yes is bore!


^ ^

Because the Pritzker has never been awarded to architects who are primarily invested in clear formal concepts with no regard to site or context...

Jan 7, 18 2:33 pm

Bench- quit your loyalty to Bjark and be objective here. Is his work interesting- sure, but when you see hundreds of similar formalisms on ArchDaily, you begin to wonder- how is BIG different? 

Bjark is a good salesman, and while I will always contend that he is a successful architect, I cannot say his work is truly exceptional- like wow, I have never seen that before. And that’s the type of progress I believe the Pritzker should try to promote.

Jan 7, 18 2:51 pm

A jury of Pritzker winning architects will never award one to BIG, especially since they've gone too corporate (in North America) recently. They went from OMA-light (the Copenhagen years) to SOM-light (since they also opened an office in NY). Bjarke sold out and his wings are burning like Icarus's.


What negative form of criticism are you referring to Positive?




Well, if that current state was already written about some time ago, maybe we should have listened better and could have avoided this current conundrum, or not...whatever man, it's pointless ;)


When the Dude talks about his carpet, that's how I imagine interior decorators

Kazuyo Sejima just joined the 2018 Pritzker jury:

Jan 30, 18 3:09 pm

Last I heard results will be out in March. Any one else can confirm?

Feb 16, 18 1:19 am

Balkrishna Doshi won

Mar 7, 18 10:01 am

Fascinating. Someone could have cleaned up on that bet. 

Beautiful work, but now (like Fehn and others in the past) we need the retrospective monograph so we can see the depth/breadth of his career! 

Mar 7, 18 10:13 am

Told y'all the winner's someone non mainstream ^^

Guy's like a FLW cross with Le Corb tho.

Mar 7, 18 12:05 pm

Steven Holl got left out again xD

Mar 7, 18 12:29 pm

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