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I'm head of creative design for a tile company launching a new specification sector; upon selecting a name the chosen preference of the company has been 'Aspire' can I have opinions on whether this is too cliche as I myself am very unsure this is the correct name to brand in such a creative industry.

Positive and negative feedback welcome.


Dec 11, 17 10:48 am

Negative feedback:  You're head of creative design, and you're asking us?  I'd say you're not really doing your job.

Neutral Feedback:  I don't give a damn what some tile is called.  I want to look at samples and properties and make a selection. 

Dec 11, 17 10:50 am

I'm being ignored by a director as it was his idea - hence the need for other opinions. no need to be rude.


Honestly it's so frustrating

Non Sequitur

Agree with SenJohn. 

Dec 11, 17 11:21 am

That's already the name of a porcelain tile line.  Is that your line, or did your director not check that first?

If the former:  it's too late.  It's a bland name, but it has enough recognition that I recognized it - don't change it to some other bland name now - that will just create confusion.

If the latter:  it's already in use.  It's a bland name, but it has enough recognition that I recognized it - don't steal it and use it too - that will just create confusion.

Dec 11, 17 2:06 pm

I hate it for its blandness!! Nothing is ever too late to get it right in my opinion. I'm a perfectionist, it'll be the death of me! Thank you for the feedback it's appreciated :)


You didn't answer the question: are you the company that is already using that name? Or are you a different company who wants to use that name too? If you're not the company who has already been using that name then you're probably going to run into trademark issues anyway so should eliminate that name from consideration immediately.


It has been trademarked with a tag line (not by myself)

Get with the paint color people. They come up with some crazy AF color names. 

Dec 11, 17 2:19 pm

I'm definitely swinging to this angle we have so many creative suggestions but some people seem


Stuck in a creative void!


Frankly when I specify tile I would rather that it just have a letter/number designation - not a meaningless name trying to be evocative. A letter/number is easy to verify, and easy to find in the spec. A silly name gets missed in editing specs and we end up with the silly name from the last project. Clients never care about the name of the tile - they don't even look at the backs - they just tell us "the bluer greyish one" or "the one that looks less like vomit" - that sort of thing.


Sounds like a 90s hatchback car. Why should a tile aspire to be anything but a tile? I'd call it Atile, since it is a tile just wanting to be a tile, that's all the aspirations a tile really needs.

Dec 11, 17 2:21 pm

Lol, completely agree! It's not just "a tile" though it's an innovative collective!


An innovatile collectile! You're welcome :)


I rather like that "innovatile"

( o Y o )

Identity consulting starts at $1,500 per hour with a $30,000 retainer.

But for you, a freebie: WeBeSpecs

Dec 11, 17 3:45 pm

name it like a race horse, more of a phrase than a name:

Balkins' Mystique, Glue Stick, Tumble Down The Road, or Late Night Snack

Dec 11, 17 4:20 pm


Dec 11, 17 4:25 pm






Can someone please elaborate? I don't get the excitement (non-native English speaker).


Since my last comment was received as "rude", I'll try to be nicer.

You should have already asked yourself, "what does it aspire to be?"  If it doesn't aspire to be anything, the name is stupid. If you haven't asked yourself this question, refer to my negative feedback. 

Next, what does it look like?  If it is mimicking something, perhaps you should name it with something related to the copied item. Looking like limestone doesn't mean you call it, "limestone".  Name it after a quarry or a famous limestone formation. If it looks like wood, do something similar. Such a name would at least be connected to your product.  

Aspire is the fragrance commercial of tile names. 

Dec 11, 17 4:45 pm

I think everyone has got the wrong end of the stick you'll have to forgive me this is my first post; it's not the name of a tile or tile collection. It's the name for a new tile company within a specification market, our main customer would be architects and interior designers. I personally dislike the name aspire, I think it gives off all the wrong connotations for a company within this particular market. I'm simply looking for feedback before it is too late to change it if needs. 

Dec 11, 17 5:49 pm

Make sure you pick a name with some Specs Appeal.

Dec 11, 17 5:50 pm

+++ Brilliant. Hope you get a royalty.


Get Laid, Tile Company ©

That'll be $10,000. 

Dec 11, 17 5:52 pm

Interior designers in my office are always specifying tile by some company called "TBD." See if you can jump on that bandwagon. 

  1. TILE-1: TBD; Color: Gloss White.
  2. TILE-2: TBD; Color: Matte Black.
  3. TILE-3: TBD; Color: Concrete.
Dec 11, 17 5:54 pm

Many thanks - just googled them!


I'm in the UK by the way &
I appreciate the feedback


TBD...Tile By Design right??

Dec 11, 17 6:08 pm

LOL! TBD = To Be Determined ... at least how the designers in my office are using it up until CD's are about to go out. Then they'll change it three more times during CA.


I'm so surprised no one caught/responded to this. I personally lmao

Thanks halfcold. I'm glad my sense of humor isn't completely lost on the Archinect crowd.


I thought you meant Tiles By Design too, your sarcasm got me what I needed, every cloud!

Dec 11, 17 6:57 pm

There's a tile named Aspire already. I think you're saying it doesn't matter, because that's a tile product or a tile line of some other company, while you're a different company that wants to use that as the name of your company, so you were able to trademark this name.  Is that correct?  If so, I think the trademark is beside the point:  you're just going to confuse your target market of architects and designers, because they're already familiar with the tile that already has that name.  They're going to think your company is affiliated with that tile and/or with the company that produces it.

If you're looking for a name for the company, you should put the word "Tile" in the name.  When I'm looking for tile ideas, or looking for tile companies to specify, I'm going to search for them with terms that contain "tile".  I'm never going to search for anything with the word "aspire" - unless I'm in some loopy poetic mood, in which case I'm not currently writing tile specs.

Dec 11, 17 7:13 pm

That's the kind of feedback I wanted - thank you!

FV Specifications

OP is a genius getting us to do her work. PM me for where to send my check.

Dec 11, 17 7:15 pm



Dec 11, 17 7:20 pm

My real name is Tyler.

Dec 12, 17 4:58 pm

Doh. Tile. Ok.


Dec 12, 17 6:05 pm



I do like RepTile, tho

Wood Guy

I've been obsessing about project management lately. ProjecTile has serious potential as a platform name. Basically cloud-based sticky notes. You want royalties?


What do you mean by a tile specification company?

When I think of "specification company", what comes to mind is either a consultant to whom an architect outsources the writing of project specifications, or a company that sells specification templates and/or software, such as SpecLink or MasterSpec.

Does your company sell tile, or spec tile?

Dec 12, 17 9:11 pm

I'm with you, 5839. I've read this entire thread (laughed a lot) and I still don't know what Aspire or Name To Be Determined is.

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