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I'm posting this thread so people have a place to suggest people or/and topics that they'd like hear addressed on Sessions or possibly some other form of Archinectedia. But instead of just posting a name or topic share the why as well.

Maybe some will get picked up, maybe not. Who cares- they're conversation starters. 

Dec 2, 17 10:52 am

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Three Urbanists walk into a bar...

Reinier de Graaf- who thinks open space should be more public (dare I say democratic) to become vibrant.

Patrik Schumacher- who thinks the same level of vibrancy can be accomplished through curated privatized interests.


Richard Florida- who has actually run the numbers.

Dec 2, 17 11:01 am

That would be really interesting.


That's offensive to Jane Jacobs.

1 more- 

Mitch McEwen

Sharon Egretta Sutton

Mabel Wilson

This in part a repeat of a conversation between Sharon Sutton and Mable Wilson, but I would be curious to hear how these three individuals address the not so well known history of Columbia's attempts to address issues of social justice. Sutton records the early attempts in her book When the Ivory Towers were Black, but the other two women have different relationships with the GSAPP and this agenda.

Dec 2, 17 11:16 am

Hugh Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster, The Lord Richard Rodgers of Riverside, Charles Prince of Wales, The Lord Foster of Bankside and Peter Murray on London 2120. 

Dec 2, 17 3:23 pm

2120 or 2012?



No, if you feel it's that transparent online. I'll keep poking around.


I wasn’t being snarky with the original Comment Marc, I think it would be interesting to get the old guard and a young but surely influential landowner of much of London in conversation about the future of the city.

No snark taken. The names alone peaked my curiosity. It’s the specific year that’s throwing me off (see Murray 2012)


2012 is history, I’m interested in a conversation about future London.

Very fair and interesting

This is great, Marc, thank you!
Dec 2, 17 5:37 pm
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I’d like to hear a discussion about scientific method and architecture, particularly regarding design. Also architects seem to take everything so s4riously. It would nice to have one session where everyone is completely intoxicated 

Dec 2, 17 8:12 pm

Drunk (architecture) history

A set of sessions at bars, with the ambient sounds of clinking glasses and whatnot. Perhaps an AIA conference crawl.

Koww we have been saying from Day One that we want to do a drunk episode! Maybe soon...

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What about a Master/Apprentice session with architects that used to work for a master but started for themselves and see what they took with them and also what not and why and how it feels competing against each other etc. So obviously Rem Koolhaas and Winy Maas, Ole Scheeren, Joshua Price-Ramus, etc.

Dec 3, 17 8:48 am

So long as it didn’t turn into a praisa
palooza. “Your work is good.” “No, YOUR work is good.” “No...”


Oh God, I hope not...that would be boring as hell.

Oooh, lovely!

( o Y o )

I'm not doing one no matter how much begging there is.

Dec 3, 17 2:05 pm

No offense but I don't think you need to worry about that :)

Tiffany Brown

Dec 13, 17 9:55 pm

I hear you Marc! I'm also thinking about contacting Tiffany Brown for a different venture I'm involved in here in Indy.


Thanks so much for creating this thread Marc. We look forward to getting more suggestions and requests for the new year. We already have some awesome guests and topics lined up.

We just released the latest episode, a look back at our favorite moments in the podcast this year.

Dec 28, 17 4:27 pm

Thank ya'll for the sessions.


I'd like to hear some more theoretical futurist stuff.  Where are things 10-20-100 years...The field seems to lack those discussions.  

Dec 28, 17 4:53 pm

you might know it, but this place is on to that and beyond

Ooo, Like Sean Lally, or Liam Young?


Or Fred.

And Ed Finn at Arizona State

Fred... is that a hint?



Right, but is he on the list for ‘18?

1. Exhibit Aftermath: I was really excited about the 2017 focus on Colombus but as architecture "overall" becomes more socially conscious I would like to see a conversation to the aftermath of this architectural site visit. I keep seeing this rise of overdoses within the area and even the "Colombus" movie mentioned the epidemic. Does our visit celebrate the site and ignore the people?   

2. World Cup: I see a parallel between Exhibit Colombus and the World Cup, (This year in Russia) because both seem to closely resemble this type of "visit" hierarchy of visitors vs site vs locals. 

 "Impact of a Visit" Context:

Jan 12, 18 1:28 pm

the assumption by “tech” that tech will make a better city.

Feb 26, 18 9:00 am

The folks behind Black Spectacles, Because they are a huge influence in the profession and helped countless times for myself and others complete IDP and the ARE.

Interview an architect with a physical disability. So many able bodied architects out there is would be interesting to get a different perspective.

Just some thoughts. I love the segments with the legal advice from the lawyer that happened in the past and I do like the brief recommendations at the end.  

Over and OUT

Peter N

Feb 26, 18 10:27 am

Peggy Deamer (or another representative) from the Architecture Lobby and their Just Design List project, among other efforts.

I think it would be beneficial to have an outside voice speak towards issue regarding employees/labor and civil behavior in offices given how recent threads have become non-productive.

Or perhaps Lori Brown from Syracuse.

Mar 19, 18 8:43 am

We have had Peggy Deamer (with Quilian Riano) on the podcast to talk about Architecture Lobby, on ep. 35 -

Thanks, I had forgotten that . Then perhaps Lori or someone similar who can speak towards gender issue as part of work/research.


Definitely, always worth of continued discussion. Our very first episode was dedicated to gender and women in the workplace -

How about Peter Barber, to discuss his One Year 365 cities project, an anthology of 10 minute towns?

Oct 14, 18 7:00 pm

What to speak of the firms great housing projects...

How about getting Schumacher back to talk about parametricism, free markets, and Liberland?

Oct 14, 18 8:09 pm


Benjamin Bratton on the article in the Financial Times, also mentioned here.

Jan 1, 19 6:34 pm

Would also love to hear him speak more about this essay Particular loved this series of quotes "The garment being cut and sewn is not only for us to wear; the city also wears us...The lesson from the cuttlefish for how we should imagine a rich ecology of urban-scale AI is profound"

Theaster (when?)-

Then Zena Howard

Then Tiffany Brown

Then Mike Ford

Feb 8, 19 10:55 am

Theaster will air next Thursday. I'm very excited about that one. Zena and Tiffany - yes! Michael has agreed a couple times and flaked both times at the last minute so we're running out of hope.

Excellent, and dammit...



Jul 9, 19 7:47 pm

Sure, if Zizek can do this and speak, then yeah, I'll chat with him.

Jul 10, 19 7:48 pm

“Serial content”-

People tied to regularly scheduled happenings, perhaps with a standard set of questions based on the happening.  


The ULI prize Alejandro Aravena recently received and was interviewed for.

Also- what ever happened to the Driehaus Prize?

Imagine if the Priztker winner could be interview after the tarot card reading...

Added bonus- it’s guaranteed annual content...

Sep 22, 19 2:50 pm

I'll just second Marc's previous suggestion for an episode ft the African-American women who are propelling Detroit's architecture and interior design scenes.

Sep 22, 19 11:35 pm

Lee Bey to discuss his new book?

Oct 13, 19 11:17 am

Great idea. A discussion about Chicago architecture...

Looks like it's time a good time call the lawyer in again...

Jan 3, 20 12:13 pm

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