FormZ vs SketchUp

As a designer, I finally found a great design program that is intuitive and allows me to design rather than program. The program is Form Z. Unlike SketchUp standard functions, Form Z can create parametric and biomorphic forms quite easily. This is very important, since I don’t want to program, but rather want the pleasure exploring my design work. I would definitely recommend this program to students, as well as, professional designers. I would check out the free version and then upgrade as I have done. Would love to see hear what other designers think FormZ!!!!
Nov 19, 17 2:46 pm
Non Sequitur
FormZ still alive? I took that in undergrad Over 15 years ago.
Nov 19, 17 6:12 pm

I like FormZ, I used it several years ago (1995?) on the Venice Beach "Bent" house, but I default to Rhino lately.

Nov 19, 17 6:47 pm

FormZ is garbage, that is all. 

Nov 19, 17 7:09 pm
Yes, Form Z has redesigned the interface and now is very easy to use to design
It is actually a lot easier to use then Rhino, plus you can import Sketchup files and components.
Nov 19, 17 8:16 pm
Non Sequitur

why even bother when quite literally every other software is better?


Not sure if I need to mark this thread as spam...

Nov 19, 17 9:53 pm

Follow your dreams....

This is why are professional is terrible -some of the comments are rather childish.
As a designer, who has designed over 4 million square feet and with projects on three continents, my purpose is to help my fellow designer find the best ways to improve their skills, in order to follow their dreams.
Nov 19, 17 11:54 pm

Lighten up, just messing with you. You clearly chose the wrong username ;)


That's a lot of parking garages. Life is too short for FormZ

Non Sequitur

FormZ is still terrible. That is not a childish claim.


Finally your username makes sense to me, LITS4.


During an internship at a starchitect office in Beijing we were partnering with a local design firm that used FormZ exclusively so they made us use it for the project as well. After struggling to make sense of the program the designer sitting next to me said "Life is too short for FormZ" and put his head down on the desk in shame.





Nov 20, 17 9:37 am
Sketchup and FormZ both suck ass. Rhino is where it's at.
Nov 20, 17 11:38 am

People sometimes pay me for stuff I do with Sketchup. Formz was totally useful for Morphosis. Pretty sure people wrote them a few checks.

I convert the checks into cash and goods and services. I wish this happened more frequently but I notice the clients in the Bay Area seem to want to pretend that everything should be basically free.

It's like a combination of hippy and retard.

Nov 20, 17 11:51 am

I think they give all their money to cults or something. Then they want to add on to their surfer shack and sell it for $3 million.

Nov 20, 17 11:53 am

Most everyone associated FormZ to Morphosis but that was it's early days.

Rhino is where it's at now people, so much so even dinosaurs like D.Curtis is on board so get with the program!

Nov 20, 17 12:55 pm

I have been using Rhino since 2000, when many were still pooping in short pants.

Actually, Form Z can perform all that Rhino can do, but is very quick to pick up interns of training. It’s as easy as sketch up , but has superior tools for exploring form
I have tested Rhino, but as a designer Form Z is great for schematic and design development. Then you can quickly import to ArchiCad for further refinement
Nov 20, 17 4:20 pm

I do the whole thing in Rhino. it takes like 3 days. Then I do a bunch of detail sketches. Then I do a little celebration dance.

"as a designer", one uses whatever program one needs

Non Sequitur

Funny but sad. This ZormZ sales rep tries to hard.


downloaded the free version to see what it was, it crashed at the first attempt.


"very quick to pick up interns of training" this seems to be the gimmick selling point for FormZ all these years.. What a waste of interns and student's time learning this program and then having to switch to another software after realizing its crap. Just go with the industry standard from the get go


And if you act now, not only do you get the most dated useless 3d software around, but you will also get a free ginsu knife set!!!  CALL NOW:  1-800-FORM-Z-SUX  

Nov 20, 17 4:43 pm
Non Sequitur

does the knife cut through shoes?


cast iron pipe!


Giving knives to people just starting to learn FormZ seems ... risky

Non Sequitur

Bench, you win 12 internet points for that.

could hook up motion sensors to the knifes

Childish again , but I am sure some students and professional will find my thoughts interesting. No I am not a sales rep.... just talented designer unlike the childish comments and certainly from a fustratrd designer or washed up comic.
Nov 20, 17 5:36 pm
Non Sequitur




Nov 20, 17 5:45 pm

If it runs, saves and prints to pdf, I use it.

Nov 20, 17 7:15 pm

Whatever works for ya, dude. So long as it helps you finish and deliver a project then go use it til you're worn out. Nobody gives a shit what tools you use (well except for some motherfuckers here >fingerpointingupemoji<). 

Nov 20, 17 7:38 pm
Hi 27458
I am asking Archinect to remove you, since you are using dirty language - hope you mother is happy with raising you.
Nov 20, 17 10:57 pm

Ohhhh shit.

My goal is to help the community, unfortunately we have a lot of of miserable fools in our profession.
Nov 20, 17 10:59 pm
Non Sequitur

not miserable, just better informed.

In my experience they go hand-in-hand.

miserable fools would be a good firm name

Non Sequitur

I think my association does not allow self-depreciating firm names.

they should reconsider, reverse psychology sometimes works

Thanks, Christopher fir your comment !
Nov 21, 17 12:00 am

SketchUp and FormZ are both pretty convenient tools especially if you need to make a quick model or if you want to present actual models (of projects) for clients to understand in 3d (when 2d isn't enough). I don't get why people who use it frequently in their practices get a lot of flack for it (or maybe just here in Archinect?). When I was still working for this large corporate firm, our foreign consultants would send us schematics or concept models made with SketchUp or FormZ and big corporations / clients paid them more money than the firm who does the supervision, BIM production (we used ArchiCad) and locally standardised construction drawings. 

Nov 21, 17 1:01 am

Formz is so passé. We're using Blender for everything now.

Nov 21, 17 9:01 am
Non Sequitur

Do you pronounce it FormZee or FormZed? Only one is correct.


Now you have me thinking. But why not pronounce it Forms? Why FormZed?


It has to be FormZed 'cause Zed's dead!

Nov 21, 17 2:16 pm
Thanks fir your comments
I agree with you.
Besides FormZ, I also have been investingating Archicad vs Revit.
I began using Revit, but found it very counterintuitive to Form Z. Recently looking at Archicad fir production work . How do you like it?
Nov 21, 17 5:03 pm

From my experience, ArchiCad has a more friendly user interface. Very efficient to use especially for large-scale multi-story buildings. Large corporate firms here in the Philippines like GF & Partners and Aidea, with clients such as the biggest names in real estate development, use ArchiCad especially for extensive production drawings or CD's. However, the more design-oriented firms like Rchitects and Lor Calma and Partners use Revit. You can do much more (parametric) stuff in Revit in terms of manipulating forms than in ArchiCad. ArchiCad I find has some constraints when it comes to making complex forms, but still easier to use than Revit. Basically, for the more practical buildings and efficient BIM use ArchiCad. But if you're going for bit more complexity, form wise, then Revit is much powerful.


It was also a discussion here at some point:

Revit is super useful, but I get depressed when I look at docs produced in Revit. ArchiCAD has similar problems graphically. But any program really if one spends enough time learning what it can do can work. It depends on what one wants to become fluent in. The more the merrier. "learn them all" was a slogan of a successful graphic arts prof I met.




To be honest, I still use AutoCAD for 2D drafting/presentation especially for CD's. Before I learned ArchiCAD, I already had my .ctb or line weight presets established. And I'm such an OC with drafting quality. The line quality of CAD is something I can't seem to be satisfied with ArchiCAD. But that's just me. Also, I still do my initial 3D with Sketchup. I've had clients who like to see the design in all sides and angles, so having a tool like it really helps because it provides that representation already of the design.


And I agree with "learning them all." I'm currently re-learning Rhino and GH again. I got the chance to learn the basics in an AA Visiting School. It was a fast track so it never stuck with me so I'm giving it another go by myself. Never hurts to try!


About that complexity...ArchiCAD is compatible with Rhino. I've modelled complex geometry like a weird swooping, non-standard staircase or double curved parking ramp in Rhino and placed it in ArchiCAD without problems.


Didn't know you can import Rhino to ArchiCad! So that includes Archicad with what i have to re-learn as well. Haha! Thanks for that revelation, randomised!

Great feedback and good luck James!
Nov 22, 17 2:30 am

did FormZ pay you to start a thread in here?  I have nightmares using FormZ

Dec 4, 17 2:35 pm

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