To Wallpaper or Not to Wallpaper?


Hello Everyone! My name is Maggie and I am working on an interior design project where I am trying to understand how people use wallpaper. Has anyone here used wallpaper recently in a project? I’d love to hear all sides of the subject, good, bad and ugly.

Nov 16, 17 12:21 pm
Non Sequitur

People still use wallpaper?

Nov 16, 17 12:41 pm

Hahahah, Thats a good enough answer for me :)


only if it's very expensive and shiny, in the powder room. 

for main areas walls we've been using colored venetian plaster. 

Nov 16, 17 1:13 pm

Is shiny in?? And why expensive only, which qualities vary the most between expensive and cheap?




Wouldn't touch wall paper with a 10' pole.

Surefire way to make your project dated... use wall paper... and an interior designer.

Nov 16, 17 1:30 pm

We only use three kinds. Gold leaf, Mark Evans, and $100 bills.

Nov 16, 17 1:40 pm

not the diamond crust?

No, it looks like cheap glitter.


you're right, oops, it's upside down....

No, running bond.

Mnuchin shopping for new wallcoverings? Shame he can't afford the $100 version. Miles is right though, I'd prefer running bond.

I believe wall covering is en vogue and far more durable than paper. That's what my interior designers always spec.
Nov 16, 17 1:42 pm



That's not semantics, when it isn't paper it isn't paper...


do you have a better opinion of wall coverings? Do most people here make that differentation?


It's either wallpaper or desktop background in my experience.


I use wallpaper all the time. Actually just redecorated, just put up the cover of Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division, without interference of interior decorators or designers. Very pleased with the result, really ties my computer screen together.

Nov 16, 17 3:53 pm
wurdan freo

Nice. Does the computer screen have to be perfectly flat? Do imperfections transfer through the wall paper?


Yes it works best on a flat screen and it unfortunately doesn't cover up fatty finger prints.

The wallpaper for my blog used to be tiled, now it is just blown up and pixelated. Why archinect? Why?

Nov 16, 17 4:12 pm
wurdan freo

I only use velcro for wall paper... you know so incase anyone is walking around in a sticky suit with a trampoline they can stick themselves to the wall.

Nov 16, 17 4:20 pm

Wall paper AKA wall coverings can be useful, be wary of the flame spread and if they are washable or not. i only use washable in bathrooms and in areas where water or food are even remotely likely to be spilled. Some of the chemicals in the mastic can react with varnish or metals in a bad way. The textured wall coverings can be hard to turn a corner with and if they are in places where folks will touch or brush up on it they look dirty fast. 

Also make sure you look at it under the same lighting as it will be installed, some colors and textures look good under one lighting type and washed out in others.

I don't hate wall coverings but they are tricky on large walls or walls that are near windows because the shadows and the seams can really stand out in natural light. Wrapping round columns with wall coverings is the worst, don't do it.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Nov 17, 17 9:24 am

How do you know if they are flammable? Is that with the product? How do you know which chemicals are in the mastic?


fear of wallpaper is an antiquated modernist ideal..ornament and crime...fear of decoration and not being an expression of the tectonics of the building is BS.  Use whatever you want in a creative and tasteful way.  

Nov 17, 17 11:51 am
wurdan freo

Who's afraid of wall paper?

Nov 17, 17 1:46 pm
wurdan freo

@everyone How do you decide on a product? What is the biggest determining factor for you when you choose a specific thing, like a paint, wallpaper, flooring, etc.? 

Nov 20, 17 11:52 am

mostly by what the clients like and can afford.

First is to see if what is permitted in the code for the type of area I want to use it in. Then does it do what I need it to do (looks, sound attenuation, other functional requirements) and then if I have the budget for it.


How do you find products that adhere to a certain code? Is that limiting?


yeas, by code or specific ordinance in some applications you cannot have some materials - you would know if you build something


Biggest determining factor for my wallpaper is resolution obviously.

( o Y o )

Just go to the forums at  

Nov 20, 17 1:21 pm

talking about wall paper, Charles Manson died today.  I'm sad that wall paper didn't die as well. 

Nov 20, 17 8:02 pm
Joe Soda

Small bathrooms only. And then use only wanted posters, or pages from the Tribune Tower competition book.

Nov 23, 17 3:43 pm

Miu Miu Aoyama store by HdM has some sort of wallpaper/textile, looks quite nice in my opinion :) 

Nov 23, 17 5:24 pm

Not sure on wallpaper? I have seen some amazing displays with the use of wallpaper and murals on houzz and eazywallz

Dec 12, 18 11:08 am

wall paper/covering is like painting your wooden kitchen cabinets or getting a tattoo. its hard to go back once you do it, but if initially done well, can be an integral design element

Dec 12, 18 9:55 pm

don't use a wallpaper that isn't vapor permeable on an exterior wall.

Dec 12, 18 11:52 pm

I have analyzed both the options wallpapering and paint my home. I have a vintage cottage, it looks so beautiful. I tried to paint first but giving it the look we want, is not possible every that way.. Then I saw some good options at the nearest cottage at a party. I loved it and tried at my home too. Less expensive wallpaper can help you customize home walls as per your taste. 

Changing wallpapers is a quick and simple technique to update a room space. It doesn't matter regardless of if you prefer to paint, wallpaper or possibly a mixture of both, it looks better.

If in any scenario,  you feel confused what goes better with the home or office walls - Paint or wallpaper? You could possibly combine wallpaper and paint wall.

This reference could bring you a good insight on this topic

First, before deciding in order to wallpaper or paint, it's always a wise decision to look at the current condition of the room.

Painting over wallpaper is in most cases bad judgment. Typically it ruins the complete quality of the paint.

Wallpaper is possibly the most customization option, offering you different types of choices to accomplish exactly what you desire to have.

Feb 26, 19 4:49 am

- HP PREPASTED WALLPAPER - Water activated adhesive backing. Designed for easy application and clean removal. It has a smooth matte finish and is completely DIY. PVC free and Class A Fire Rating.

- DIGISCAPE 17mil WALLPAPER - Professional installation recommended. Commercial grade 17oz wallpaper for paste application. Superior alternative to PVC Type II wall covering, dimensionally stable and tear resistant. Bright white surface with a completely matte finish. PVC free and Class A Fire Rating.

- 3M PEEL & STICK VINYL - Professional installation recommended. Commercial grade durability, Matte white laminated peel and stick vinyl with a removable, pressure sensitive adhesive and a grey block out backing. Class A Fire Rating. For flat & smooth surface application.

If you know the mobile wallpaper, I will know more and tell you everything you know, such as supreme wallpaper.

Apr 9, 19 10:59 pm

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