Age discrimination in top interior and architecture firms

Has anyone been affected by age discrimation while working at the top commercial interior & architectural firms in US?
Oct 22, 17 4:06 am

Why make the same post like 5 months ago?

Oct 22, 17 6:20 am
Non Sequitur

what rando said

Oct 22, 17 7:55 am

he might be showing his age.  memory is always the first to go.

Oct 22, 17 9:20 am

a lawyer fishing

Oct 22, 17 6:30 pm

Makes sense, hadn't thought of that.


I've heard that in law firms, if you don't show adequate progress you get asked to resign. Is that illegal discrimination or just regular discrimination?

Oct 23, 17 9:38 am

Age discrimination?  You bet.  The bunion cushions under my orthopedic desk have not been fluffed in weeks.  Weeks!  (Where's that ADA lawyer's number again...?)

Oct 23, 17 2:01 pm

I work at home so I have to discriminate against myself.

Oct 23, 17 2:12 pm

I wish I had more hair, for example.

Oct 23, 17 2:32 pm

Asians gets an advantage on this one :) They still ask for my I.D. at the liquor store. Im turning 40 

Oct 24, 17 11:33 am

They ask for mine but only to be nosy.

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