Aviation/Transportation Design


How do you get into this type of architecture? I find it interesting, but hard to get into unless you start off with that kind of experience. 

Oct 18, 17 9:15 pm

A fairly common way to gain knowledge and experience in a new market is to team up with a true expert (typically from way out of town) and chase projects together in your community. 

You provide the local contacts and local expertise / they provide the specialized project type experience. Often the 'expert' will focus primarily on design, both firms may participate in CDs, and your firm might take the lead during CA.

The trick is for you to provide something that the other firm can't manage to provide to the project on their own. Usually that 'something' is tied to your firm being local to the project.

Oct 18, 17 10:38 pm  · 

I have a really specific field of expertise, along the lines of Aviation/Transportation Design, and the way I got into it was by working at firms where I was exposed to this particular project typology.  I had an interest in it, so I would get involved in projects of this type, ask questions, take on the really messy technical stuff, get mentorship from the experts, and subscribe to discipline-specific publications among other things.

Oct 20, 17 3:32 pm  · 

I decided to resurrect this thread as I have an interest in aviation/transportation design myself. I plan to undertake an MSc in the Netherlands and I have found this Airport Design minor offered at TU Delft. 

TU Delft - Minor Airport of the Future

It looks interesting as a technical exercise however except for design and planning it also involves learning about logistics and economic/regulatory standards. 

Sep 14, 19 9:19 pm  · 

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