To do masters or find a job?


Hello! I'm a fresh architecture graduate and recently moved to the US. I haven't actively started looking for work but wanted to get advice from locals who are looking/currently working as architects or even people who chose to do something else for their masters program regarding what should be my next step. As we know architecture varies with geography and so when I moved here all my previous five years of education becomes void as what I learned back at home was different. So now that I'm here I'm hesitant applying for jobs as I might not be good at applying my knowledge here without going back to school. Any job advice, how to go about this and what should I definitely have before applying? Secondly, Im thinking of doing project management for my masters ( if I go for it ) , will I be able to find jobs with that? What should be a good pair with my architecture degree if I'll be practicing in Texas. Looking forward for some helpful advice! Thank you. Z.                                     

Oct 11, 17 2:10 pm

The economy is going to take a big dump in zero to three years. So plan accordingly. There is going to be a lot of work in disaster response.

Oct 11, 17 2:12 pm

please elaborate, these telegram type statements don't let us appreciate the depth of your knowledge.

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David, my city has just about 10-billion worth of construction on the books for the next 5 to 8 years.... things are looking good over here.


^ Were is over here? better yet wut's the company? I cud be your new boss

sorry, look at a publicly avail chart.

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Theta, I'm in Ottawa, Ontario. The city has so much work coming in... plus what's already in progress, that offices and looking to prep in anticipation.

NS, good for you. From where I am sitting, we are spreading the risk as much as possible in the market investments and rolling 20% into RE property, the problem is site selection given so many events happening concurrently.


There is a lot of work going on everywhere, but it takes only a couple of weeks to bring everything to a screeching halt. Kinda like 2008 - everyone was so busy one day, then hanging out polishing their portfolios the next. 2018 is going to be interesting.


get a job and get license. you could probably get 2-3 M.arch's before getting a license.

Oct 11, 17 2:49 pm

My advice is to apply for jobs with what you have and see what you get.  If you need visa sponsorship, you may hit a brick wall.  A lot of employers don't want to deal with the hassle or cost of the visa process.  If you already have a visa and can work in the US, just put your portfolio and resume out there and see what feedback you get.

If your goal is to become a licensed architect in America, the fastest route is probably through getting an M.Arch and going through the testing/experience process post-graduation.  If not, it's a lot of money for very little gain.

Oct 11, 17 2:54 pm
Ok thank you so much!
Oct 12, 17 2:16 am

Or do a job and find a masters...

Oct 12, 17 2:50 am

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