M. Arch Applicants Fall 2018


Hi everyone! So I noticed new applicants are posting on the 2017 forum but aren't getting responses.. so I just wanted to start a new one for us 2018 architecture school babies!

Let's begin discussion!

22/ F / Indian / 

Currently: Working as Project Architect (corporate)

PAST: BFA Architectural Design 

Applying for M.Arch I fall 2018, possibly dual with MLA

GRE: taking sample tests.. first test (q 151, v 151)

GPA 3.4

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 2 years (3 internships), one job

Schools interested in: GSD, MIT, YSOA, UPENN , GSAPP

LORs: need to request, 5 total, mix of professors and supervisior (should I have my internship boss right one?)

SOP: 70% 

Transcripts: 100%

Portfolio: 70% need to revise and review with past profs

I wish everyone good luck and perseverance in this tedious process!

Sep 12, 17 10:12 am

22/ F / U.S./ 

Currently: Finishing up my last semester of undergrad, looking to intern for 6-7 months before graduate school next fall. B.Envd. at Texas A&M.

Applying for: M.Arch I fall 2018

GRE: taking next week. (diagnostic gave me 151 verbal, 160 math)

GPA: 3.8

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 1 internship summer; work in college of architecture

Schools interested in: GSAPP, Pratt, Princeton, UT or Rice, RISD

LORs: need to request. One GSAPP alum (a past professor of mine), current studio professor (formerly worked for Michael Graves), past studio professor (worked with Herzog & de Meuron and OMA), current boss.

SOP: 0% - not really sure how to start, if anyone has any advice! 

Portfolio: 20% - under construction.

Sep 14, 17 11:08 am

just put 1 line (I AM A GOD)... no jk the best advice is usually the worst. I took all the best pointer and it will not make any difference. Its a pitty contest with the SOP. I applied to Columbia with an SOP about my interests relating to architectural theory and technology & my buddy (slightly worse gpa, portfolios on par but couldnt make a model for his life so he didnt include model photos he was usually late for studio reviews because he couldnt make models, great at rendering though)wrote a pitty story about how he ended up in the states. He got in and I didnt. so idk if this is the sole reason but i reviewed my SOP hundreds of times with professors and he kinda rejected professors who he disagreed with and wrote what he felt was best.


25 / M / EU / 

Currently: Working as junior architect in Europe  

Applying for: M.Arch I/II fall 2018

PAST: BFA in Architecture in the US

GRE: need get that going pretty soon, I guess

GPA: 3.22..

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 1 year as an intern and 1 year as employed at the same firm. 

Schools interested in: Pratt, GSAPP, & Parsons 

          - Yes, I'm only going to pay for education if it gives me a way to live in the big apple. Sounds pretty pathetic, but its on that bucket list. 

LORs: 2 former professors, 1 close supervisor, and my CEO. 

SOP: 80%  

Portfolio: 60% - under construction, will have my first draft done in a couple of weeks. 

I do understand that my grades are crap, due to varsity sport and loss of parent during my years of undergrad. How personal am I able to be in my SOP without looking too damaged? Is it here I explain why my first two years' GPA were 2.5 and that my last two were pretty okay? 

If the school only requires two LORs, should I go with my CEO or my supervisor together with a professor? 


Sep 17, 17 4:12 pm
GP Burdell

24/ M / American 

CURRENTLY: Project captain at small architecture firm

PAST: B.S. Arch Georgia Tech

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch Fall 2018

GRE: 168 V, 166 Q, 5.0 AW

GPA: 3.9/4.0

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 2 years at same firm

SCHOOLS INTERESTED IN: Tulane, Rice, UVA, Clemson, GA Tech, Utah

LORs: need to request, will probably ask 2 professors and current boss

SOP: I have some early thoughts, but I haven't written anything yet

PORTFOLIO: I have my portfolio from when I graduated from Tech, but it could definitely use some work

Can anyone help me understand to what extent I should be concerned about the DI and other similar rankings? I'm interested in Utah's Design/Build Bluff, but I'm hesitant because the school is not highly rated. 

My ultimate goal is to work in the field of public interest/non-profit architecture and on the one hand, it seems that going to a school like Rice or UVA will open up more opportunities for me post-graduation, but on the other hand, I think I should try to study what I'm passionate about. Does anyone have any helpful thoughts?

Oct 3, 17 9:35 pm

Design Intelligence does a good job of ranking the current trajectory of architectural schools. From what I have seen, employers don't care about Design Intelligence rankings as much but generally they do have certain schools where they know good work comes from and work better with. I think there is a lot of wisdom in pursuing something your interested in.

(Sorry about the Double Post, hit enter too soon) Have you looked into UTSOA? I am a current graduate student in the program and one of the main reasons I chose it was because of its Professional Residency Program. Its a six-month term of employment at a firm of your choosing. The faculty and professors at UT work with you on communicating with the firms you choose and open up a working relationship between you and the firm. Some of my friends have gotten positions at public interest firms like MASS as well as Kieran Timberlake, Lake/Flato, Oslon Kundig, etc... I hate throw yet another school in your pool, but wish you the best in your decision!

23 / F / American 

CURRENTLY: Architectural Designer in Princeton, NJ

PAST: B.S. Arch. Studies at Norwich U in VT

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch I Fall 2018

GRE: 164 V, 155 Q, 4.0 AW

GPA: 3.7/4.0

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 7 mos at a small firm

SCHOOLS INTERESTED IN: UT Austin, GSD, UPenn, Princeton & Syracuse

LORs: Current boss, will need to ask 2 professors

SOP: 100% - may revise

PORTFOLIO: 100% - may revamp entirely

This is my second round of applications to some of the schools on my list.  Does anyone know if that will help or hurt my chances?  Will they notice if I reuse my previous portfolio & SOP?  Should I be starting from scratch?

Also, I would love to get a copy of the full 2017-2018 DesignIntelligence graduate rankings if anyone has it.  I may consider adding RISD or Pratt.

Oct 3, 17 11:30 pm

IN: Syracuse U (3-year, $8k, 12 credit reduction)

OUT: GSD & UT Austin

22 / F / Georgian

CURRENTLY: Project architect at small architecture firm in Tbilisi

PAST: B.S. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch Fall 2018

GRE: have not passed yet

GPA: 3.1

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 4 months in the same firm where I work now

SCHOOLS INTERESTED IN: KADK, GSAPP (RED), IAAC, TU Berlin, Polimi. (in that order)

LORs: Will ask 3 professors and the current boss

SOP: 90% done

PORTFOLIO: Have something but definitely needs work (30%)

Oct 4, 17 2:49 pm

24 / F / US 

Currently: Not working in arch atm

PAST: BS Architecture UVA

Applying for M.Arch I Fall 18

GRE: taking 10/18

GPA sub 3.0 

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 2 years post grad in 3 offices

Schools interested in: UMich, Berkeley, UVA, UWash, UT Austin, Penn? Parsons? 

LORs: asked 3 profs (2 from GSD, 1 from princeton) 

SOP: 0%

Portfolio: 80% if I keep the one I have, planning on trashing the whole thing so 0% 


Oct 6, 17 5:32 pm

25 / F / US 

Currently: working as a construction project manager

PAST: BS Architecture UTSA/ MS Construction management UTEP

Applying for M.Arch I Fall 18

GRE: taking 11/12

GPA sub 3.0 

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 4 months in china international firm as architectural designer, +1 year as construction project manager 

Schools interested in: UCLA, UMich, Berkeley, Cincinnati , sci arc, need a safe option?

LORs: 2 design studio proffersors and dept chair of architecture 

SOP: 0

Portfolio: 20% need to work on it NOW.

Oct 8, 17 6:08 pm

24/ M / U.S./ 

Currently: Graduated from a university in Tokyo. Due to the lack of my English skills, studying for my GRE and TOEFL right now.  

Applying for: M.Arch I fall 2018

GRE: taking first exam in this month. Maybe another try in next month.

GPA: 3.6

INTERNSHIP/WORK: Total of two years of internship experience at 4 Japanese architect firms. 

Schools interested in: SCI-Arc/UCLA/GSAPP/SOA/EPMA

LORs: Ongoing. 1: UCLA Alumni, professor from my university. 2: ETH Alumni, Studio professor. 3: TU and Berlage Alumni, boss of my internship frim.

SOP: 0% - On going...

Portfolio: 80% - Still have some contents and comments that I have to write on.

Oct 9, 17 9:53 am

29 / F / Singaporean / NYU with a  B.A in Individualised Studies (which basically meant I designed my own course of study around sustainable urban planning and architectural studies)

Currently: working as an urban planner for the Singapore government. 

Applying: M.Arch I Fall 2018 + MSRED or certificate in real estate, depending on the school 

GRE: 170V/162Q (also did the gmat because I was planning to apply to bschool at one point, but I can't figure out if I should include it or not)

GPA: 3.58

Work: a year doing land policy for the Singapore government (related but different from my current job), and a year as an animal rights policy activist 

Schools: Berkeley (top choice), GSAPP, UT Austin, USC, UCLA, maybe Pratt/sci-arc? (trying to figure out which safety schools to apply to that's in a city)

LOR: 2 from former profs (one is a practicing architect from gsapp), 1from former supervisor 

SOP: 0% (lots of bullet points, nothing actually written)

Portfolio: 20%? I know what I plan to do, I'm just in the process of actually doing the work. Started pottery a year ago, not sure if I should include my work. Also can't decide if I should include sketches, because I'm not naturally gifted in freehand drawing the way other applicants seem to be

Why Archi: I actually planned to apply to grad school straight out of college, but I've always wanted to work around affordable housing and disaster relief/developmental architecture, and I wanted to get exposure to the policy and business side of things first. fast forward 6 years later, I really miss designing spaces (urban planning in Singapore is more policy work and very large scale planning than detailed spaces), so back to school I go. 

I'm concerned that my age + excess experience + lack of design background may work against me. I took some studio classes and did the gsapp summer programme, but my portfolio still feels woefully inadequate compared to the quality of work I've seen on issuu (why are all these people with amazing architecture experience all applying to M.Arch I?! stop spoiling the market guys...)

Oct 15, 17 5:15 am

I don't think age or excess experience would be a problem, why would abundant knowledge of real working would be a problem? :) I guess your background might not be the issue since M.Arch I is for those who have multidisciplinary background. I know a business major guy got into Sci-Arc last year. As long as you got good quality works in your portfolio and you'll be ok. :)


Thanks for replying! I guess my worry is that people might expect me to have more design content in my portfolio based on my work history, buuuuut I don't really have that much.

George P Burdell

Does anybody know how much professional work I should show in my portfolio? I've been working for 2 years at a small architecture firm since graduation, but we mostly do tenant fit-outs for dialysis clinics based on a prototype. It's good experience, but it's not anything that will really stand out. I've done CDs for a couple of ground-ups, one of which has completed construction. Should I show a few photos and drawings (elevations and wall sections) from this project? If I do, should I just ask my boss for permission to use this work?

Oct 22, 17 3:42 pm

Remember the goal is to convince the admittance committee that you're an ideal candidate who is prepared for a rigorous workload, a creative thinker, and have the skills to backup those ideas and commitment. If your work doesn't show that to a committee, leave it out. If you don't find the work intellectually or visually exciting, you're probably going to find it hard to convince someone else that it's something to be passionate about.


25 / F / U.S. 

Currently: Working as Drafter / Designer for structural insulated panel manufacturer (SIPs) on fully custom residential/ag/commercial projects.

Applying for M.Arch I (advanced standing) for Fall 2018. Likely to apply again for Fall of 2019 if the price and place isn't right. 

GRE: Took once, got 161V and 161Q, 4.0 AWA.

GPA: 3.75

UNDERGRAD: BSD @ U. Nebraska-Lincoln, Distinction, Honors College Grad

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 3 years at current design/drafting job. Thinking about incorporating some custom projects I designed, but focusing on actual breakdown of SIPs, their effect on lean manufacturing, increased insulation, etc. for custom builds.

Schools interested in: UPENN, UMICH, GSD, Yale, Berkeley, Pratt

LORs: Requested (2 profs, 1 employer/manager)

SOP: 20%, a work in progress

Portfolio: 30% (I do my best work under pressure...heh...)

Oct 30, 17 10:47 am

31 / M / U.S. 

Currently: Working as an Art Director at the NYTimes

Applying for M.Arch I for Fall 2018. 

GRE: Took once; 158V and 150Q, 5 AWA. I've been out of school for almost 8 years. How much does this score count for and do admissions committees take into account the time since schooling considering my age and work experience outside of daily school math? This test seems to test your ability to take the test more so than it does test your ability to understand the content.

GPA: 3.5

UNDERGRAD: BFA Graphic Design, School of Visual Arts, NYC

WORK: 4 years at the Times. Started as a Product Designer, then Graphics Editor, now an Art Director. Previously worked as a senior product designer at Google, Rdio, and Squarespace, on work ranging from a Google design overhaul in 2011 to designing mobile apps for Rdio, Squarespace, and other freelance projects.

Schools interested in: GSD, GSAPP, YSoA

LORs: CCO of the Times, Creative Director at Google, and former Dean

SOP: 20%, work in progress

Portfolio: Working on it. My only experience with architecture is in 3D modeling and some art direction for an article concerning a possible building re-use project of Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. I plan to include design of different interfaces at Google, Squarespace, and Rdio, as well as interaction and motion graphic work for the Times and others.

Oct 31, 17 12:51 pm

To my knowledge, it depends on how the school reviews your application as to how important the GRE is.  Some schools review at the overall Graduate School, then at the Architecture department.  If this is the case, the larger Graduate School may use the GRE mostly as first level cut off before handing your app to the Architecture department.  If this is not the case, you may get a more holistic review including the portfolio and your essay.  Check ETS for typical scores for architecture majors.  (It's a chart you can find on their website.)  If you're aiming for ivy league, I'd say shoot for above the average score.

Your current job sounds like way more fun than being in architecture school (or an architect) btw.


process process process process. show your unsexy process work. the schools you listed don't care about slick, finished interfaces. show the design thinking behind the work.

an aside, given your age and work experience, you might struggle being in studio with a bunch of m.arch 1 students who are fresh out of undergrad.  this fall @ gsd there was a lot of culture problems with older students expecting school culture to be like work culture.   


21 / M / UK

CURRENTLY: Looking for an Internship.

PAST:  BA Architecture - University of Cambridge

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch I Fall 2018

GRE: (Taking this month)

GPA: Conversion ~3.5 ish

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 2 Summer Internships


LORs: 3 - Former Professors + Studio Leaders

SOP: 30%

PORTFOLIO: In progress - ~60%

Nov 1, 17 9:47 pm

Why not M.Arch II?


Didn't even begin to consider M.Arch II. The Cambridge course is only 3 years and i'm very lacking in industry experience in comparison to most of the candidates I see (and i've also been told that, because it's a BA and not a BArch, it's not rated as highly in the US, but I could be mistaken). At most, i'd apply for Advanced Placement on an M.Arch I course.


Fair point. I'd disagree with the industrial experience you seem to hinge on the institute to provide. Their experience stems from purely that, the industry. Get an internship first or something to level the playing field.


22 / M / International student from China

CURRENTLY: Interior Design student in Indiana University (Will be graduated in this coming winter)

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch I Fall 2018

GRE: 149 V, 154 Q, 3.0 AW (Gonna do it again in December)

GPA: 3.3/4.0


SCHOOLS INTERESTED IN: Cincinnati, Ohio State, UMichigan, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, UVA, Oregon, Sci-Arc, Cornell? GSD? Berkeley? GSAPP? UPenn?

LORs: 3 from studio professors 

SOP: 0%

PORTFOLIO: 60% (Done a draft last semester, need to re-draw some diagrams and rendering)

I kinda worried about my working experience and I see most people here are currently working or have decent internships. Will working experience be a crucial part of the application? Also I am really indecisive about whether I should put those great top schools on the list because I don't really feel I would stand a chance with my GPA and lack of working experience. Any suggestions on schools?

Nov 5, 17 12:55 am


CURRENTLY: Working in a joke of a coffee shop

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch II Fall 2018

GRE: 154 V, 145 Q, 3.0 AW

GPA: 2.3/4.0


SCHOOLS INTERESTED IN: Northeastern, Pratt, Temple, Penn, Maryland, UNC Charlotte, UDC, SAIC

LORs: 3 from former bosses

SOP: 100%


Crazier things have happened.

Nov 16, 17 11:30 pm
jpeg dot jpeg

23/ M / USA 

Currently: Finishing Undergrad

Education: BFA Graphic Design, Lamar Dodd School of Art (University of Georgia)

Applying for M.Arch I fall 2018, possibly 2019 (see below)

GRE: taking sample tests. I am confident in 80-90 percentile scores with a little bit of practice.

GPA 3.4

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 2 years 3 internships, one job. Only one internship is relevant to M.Arch, a mapping tech startup in NYC this past summer.

Schools interested in: GSD, MIT, YSOA, Georgia Tech, GSAPP +

LORs: need to request, 3 total, mix of intern supervisors and professors

SOP: 70% 

Portfolio: Not optimized for M.Arch, but it's online at

I'm still wrapping up undergrad. With deadlines rapidly approaching I'm considering whether to rush and get applications out in time for fall 2018, or take my time and intern with an architect, compete in design competitions and produce a more polished effort for fall 2019. Does anyone have any recommendations about this?

Nov 19, 17 2:08 pm

I was in a similar position last semester applying for graduate schools. I considered waiting an extra year before applying but ended up going ahead and applying regardless of the lack of time. I found that having a physical application deadline with the pressure of time on me actually really helped me settle on decisions that needed to be made. A year could also prove to be a difficult amount of time to try and secure an internship as well. On the other hand, if you can find work, there is certainly a lot of wisdom in working more- especially if this means the opportunity to save more money for your time in grad school. If you were to wait a year or no,I would also recommend visiting the schools, this helped me out so much in making a decision! I wish you the best in your choice, 

Nov 24, 17 7:35 pm
jpeg dot jpeg

Thank you! I appreciate the advice.



CURRENTLY: Getting my BS in Landscape Arch and a minor in Biology from UCDavis

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch II Fall 2018 (3 year)

GRE: 159 V, 160 Q, 3.5 AW

GPA: 3.5/4.0 my gpa is a bit lower because i was premed but i have all As in my studio classes

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 1 summer LA internship, 2 research internships 

SCHOOLS INTERESTED IN: UPenn, GSD, Cornell, Umich, UOregon, Uwash, WashU, Berkeley, USC, Woodbury

LORs: 3 from professors 

SOP: 80%

PORTFOLIO: i say 70% because im currently working on a project and the rest is just formating

hella worried about work experience... also damn that dude gold has some crazy recs... honestly if any of those schools takes me ill be thrilled 

Nov 25, 17 2:58 am

23/ M / USA

CURRENT: Designer (education)


Applying for M.Arch I Fall 2018

GRE: q 152, v 159, 4.5 writing

GPA 3.8

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 1.5 years at same firm

Schools interested in: Oregon, UT Austin, USC, UVa

LORs: requested 3 - 2 professors, 1 principal

SOP: 100% complete for two schools, 75% other two 

Portfolio: 70%, content is all there, needs to be formatted and cleaned up

I'd be happy with admission to 2 out of the 4, but not holding my breath. Feel like I should be competitive but really want to knock these SOP's out of the way so I can focus on the portfolio

Nov 26, 17 3:39 pm
GP Burdell

I feel like I'm asking a lot of questions on here, but does anybody have any advice on the resume/cv? I know how to write a resume for a job application, but I understand it's different for grad school apps.

Right now I have these sections: Education; Employment (which is just one job because I removed anything not related to architecture); Projects (I listed 2 professional projects that I don't think are worth putting in my portfolio but are still worth noting somewhere, 2 papers I wrote in different arch electives, and 2 studio projects which are in my portfolio); Volunteer Work and Extra-Curricular Involvement (includes very brief descriptions); Skills; and Awards. It's about 1-1/2 pages. (To clarify, I have a BS Arch and 2.5 years of work experience)

Does this sound like what schools are looking for? The main focus is the Projects section. Do you think that is appropriate?

Nov 26, 17 5:07 pm
Danieli Garcia


CURRENTLY: Architect Intern at Lake Flato Architects

PAST: B.S. Arch 

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch I Fall 2018 

GRE: 150 V, 150 Q, 3.0 AW

GPA: 3.1

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 1yr-Present at LF

SCHOOLS INTERESTED IN: Rice, UTSoA, UC Berkeley, WashU, UNM, possibly Oregon/Montana State.

LORs: 2 professors/2 pricipals

SOP: 95%

PORTFOLIO: 95%. Portfolio will always have room for improvement.

Nov 27, 17 12:21 am


CURRENT: Designer at a small firm. 

PAST: B.ENVD with an emphasis in Architecture at CU Boulder

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch I (Mostly), M.Arch 2 for Sci-Arc. 

GRE: 152 V, 158 Q, 4.0 (for now, waiting on most recent results) AW

GPA: 3.4

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 2 years in January 

SCHOOLS INTERESTED IN: UC Berkeley, UCLA, Sci-Arc, GSAPP (pipe dream), Pratt

LORs: 1 professor/1 past mentor/current boss

SOP: 50%

PORTFOLIO: 100%, but plan on throwing out a good chunk this weekend, so a realistic 50%

I know there are some late nights ahead of me these next couple weeks to polishing things up... I'm curious since most people on here are applicants if they have received words of wisdom they wanted to share? 

I've been heavily debating if Grad school is even worth the money for the past year. I fortunately live in a state that allows you to get licensed without going to an accredited college, but I ultimately decided it was worth it if I was able to get into the right college. Saving me time on my license, allowing me to network, and of course more design freedom. 

Nov 29, 17 11:08 pm

22 / M / US

CURRENTLY: B.S. Strategy & Entrepreneurship // Minor Architecture

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch Fall 2018

GRE: very nervous... but taking them soon

GPA: 3.7

INTERNSHIP/WORK: GSAPP Intro to Arch, year of work at a security firm, summer architecture internship


LORs: 2 professor, 1 boss

SOP: 80% done


Its hard to find successful applicants from unrelated backgrounds to compare it with. It seems that applicants USUALLY have a B.A. in architecture and their portfolios are much more fuller than mine. So it's tough to say if I'm that confident. But I'm hoping for the best. Good luck everyone!

Dec 6, 17 12:24 am

21 / F / CANADIAN (born in China)

CURRENTLY: BA in Architectural Studies at University of Toronto

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch I Fall 2018, MAUD for GSD

GRE: V150+Q165+AW4.0

GPA: CGPA 2.94, Major GPA 3.32

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 3 Summer Internships, 2016 AA Visiting School

SCHOOLS INTERESTED IN: GSD, Penndesign, Cornell(dream school), GSAPP, WUSTL, HKU, Tsinghua, U of T

LORs: 4 referees-2 from studio professors, one from a family friend in business school(who really makes effort in his field), one from employer(famous architect in China)

SOP: 100%

PORTFOLIO: 80%, few drawings need to revise, and adding words

Toke several unsuccessful courses in my first&second year. GPA is my weak point. Hope my portfolio is strong enough to cover it

Dec 6, 17 5:23 pm

Can anyone shed some light on the recently developed Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL) M.Arch programs?  Specifically I am curious about NYIT, NewSchool, SCAD, U Maryland, UNC & USC.  Are these programs "worth it"?

Dec 6, 17 10:14 pm

I was super interested in this program and really pushed it at my current school (New School). At the end I decided not to pursue it, partly because our grad program has 0 theory and is all based on getting you to be a worker. The other reason is that schools don't really have this program figured out. I looked into transferring to USC but they had no idea what was going on with the IPAL program either. It's just too new and I wouldn't apply to such a new program where they are working out the kinks on your tuition.

Thank you! I decided to avoid IPAL programs for the time being because I'd rather err on the creative side than the practical one.


(updating now that it's closer)

22/ F / U.S./ 

Currently: Just finished B.Envd. at Texas A&M, going to work at a large firm for 8 months. 

Applying for: M.Arch I fall 2018

GRE: 156V, 162Q, 4.0 AW

GPA: 3.8

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 1 internship summer plus the upcoming 8 months; work in college of architecture

Schools interested in: GSAPP, Pratt, Princeton, UT 

LORs: One GSAPP alum (a past professor of mine), current studio professor (formerly worked for Michael Graves), past studio professor (worked with Herzog & de Meuron and OMA), current boss.

SOP: 50% - needs to be cleaned a lot before submitting.

Portfolio: 100% - (would like to hear some feedback on this, and whether or not people who don't know me think it looks okay or like garbage lol)

How are my chances? 

Dec 20, 17 6:24 pm

that’s what i figured, but i have to try! thanks


yeah, it's mainly super 'realistic' stuff. the theory is really lacking, that's why i'm hoping i can go to a program with better theory classes. we really have only one, maybe two, studio professors that push theoretical design.


i started out as an engineering major, and then switched (engineering at a&m is great). i finished my architecture degree in 2.5 years. if i could start over, i would have gone to ut for arch.


i have a shorter version of my portfolio (that does not include those projects) which i will be using for specific applications. this one is more comprehensive start to finish of stuff i have done. i have definitely looked at accepted portfolios, don't worry. i know my stuff isn't the best of the best, and i plan to do some competition work next year and continue improving my current work. thx for your input


Lets revive this with applications now due - I want to see everyone's results!


CURRENTLY: Design Assistant at small architecture firm in NYC

PAST: BA in Architecture from Ivy League school

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch Fall 2018

GRE: 161 V, 155 Q, 4.5 AW

GPA: 3.48/4.3

INTERNSHIP/WORK: Summer interning in Tokyo / TA for arch studio / 1.5 years working at current arch office


LORs: Professor (Yale alumni), Professor/Advisor, current boss (professor at GSD)

SOP: submitted/minor edits for remaining applications.

PORTFOLIO: Worked on it for months and had coworkers/professors help refine/edit it. Think its in the best shape it can be.

Good luck everyone!

Jan 5, 18 11:04 am
GP Burdell

Do y'all think that schools turn off the "enhance thin lines" setting on Adobe Acrobat when they view portfolios? If not, I'm going to be in big trouble.

Jan 6, 18 8:28 pm
GP Burdell

Well the good new is that last night in a panic, I converted most of my drawings to PNGs. I just hadn't heard of doing that before. I thought my options were to either hope that schools were going to know the best way to view vector linework or use crappy looking jpegs in case they don't and the former seemed more viable.

But I appreciate your concern.


Hope that people will also update these threads when they didn't get in and maybe share why they didn't (if that info was disclosed to them of course).

And fyi, please be aware that when asking absolute strangers on the internet for their input or feedback as the professionals that they are (they've been there before you and they actually managed to get in so maybe what they have to say might be worth considering a cent or two), you need to first put in some effort yourself, like you would when approaching a person in real life. You don't go and ask your professor about the amount of pages of your portfolio when it's written down somewhere and you also don't ask them if they would please change the settings of adobe to review your work, now would you?

Jan 8, 18 3:31 am
GP Burdell

I really don't think I was out of line to ask if anybody knew how I should expect admissions committees to be viewing portfolios. I looked around online for an answer, but couldn't find anything definitive, so I thought I'd see if anybody here had any thoughts. I get that I could have asked more professionally rather than in a late-night panic, however, so your criticism in that regard is duly noted.


I'm not saying anyone is out of line here, just raising awareness (in this case...)


Yea, so..... back to the threads intended purpose and minus the drama...


CURRENTLY: Work in materials lab at university 

B.Arch: currently doing thesis 

APPLYING FOR: M.S.Arch Fall/Summer 2018

GRE: Not required

GPA: 3.4

INTERNSHIP/WORK: Summer intern


LORs: 2 Professors (Columbia alumni), Professor/Advisor

SOP: submitted

PORTFOLIO: Worked on it for 1 month, didn’t have any more time, was in Florida during hurricane and my time got eaten up! 

All 3 applications ✅ 

Didn’t have the time to take the gre and was part of the reason I only chose those 3 schools

Curious to see the work of people accepted

Who else is doing the post professional?

Jan 11, 18 9:29 am

"Yea, so..... back to the threads intended purpose and minus the drama..."

No more drama!

Jan 11, 18 11:13 am

28/ F/ American (Black and White -- but White name.

CURRENTLY: Recent Grad/Own business as Professional Organizer 

PAST: BA in English/Creative Writing 

          MS in Industrial-Organizational Psych

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch I Fall 2018

GRE: 147 V, 137 Q, 4.0 W 

GPA: 2.99 (BA) and 3.5(MS)

INTERNSHIP/WORK: worked in construction safety admin. and assisted in Father's historic preservation, real estate and residential design business (father has 30 years experience saving historic homes and community planning so I've grown up around construction/architecture). 

SCHOOLS INTERESTED IN: RISD, PRATT, Notre Dame (Traditional Arch),Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Cornell 


                  RISD (GRE not required)

(Currently don't have all prerequisites to the others. Notre Dame stressed a high GRE score. If not accepted, I will apply again after taking the classes I need and retaking the GRE --but not good at testing so...) 

LORs: 2 professors and 1 former employer

SOP: Emphasized my visual writing skills/I write more on setting than plot. Interested in Workplace Design, repurposing historic interiors, urban design/New Urbanism. 

PORTFOLIO: Used some sketches, photos and examples of comedy sketch writing and short story excerpts. 

I think I have a better shot at Art Schools (Particularly RISD) than the Architecture schools. I have interest in traditional architecture -- but don't really want to be in the middle of Indiana at Catholic Notre Dame. If I don't get in I may try again and apply for Yale's program (It's only a grad program). Dr. Stern (just retired) is famous for his emphasis on traditional architecture. I do have interest in Urban design and real estate development but I find that those are field you fall into after years of working around it. With an architecture degree I can be either an interior designer and open my own firm, design for film sets, design for workplaces for well being/productivity,and help design cities that influence public health/walkable. I am also potentially interested in Cornell for their Fully Funded Ph.D in Human Behavior and Design bc I already have 2 degrees and am a bit older. 

Money: Any scholarships for Black Females in Architecture?

Jan 12, 18 7:52 am

Yeah, I'm relying on my portfolio. Doesn't my Master's GPA count for anything? My family only know elite schools (sister went to Harvard, other 2 Williams mother Oberlin, father UMass Amherst where I went undergrad) so I don't really know other schools. Other schools are usually just teaching AutoCad (not drawing) and how to get a job rather than doing something extraordinary. Also, I didn't take classes that I was strong in. I took many classics (I like old buildings) and didn't do well in English Literature just creative writing part. Didn't take any art classes, and was depressed. Like I could apply to shit like Mass College of Art, Boston Architectural College but I'm trying to finally get into a good school.


"Black and White -- but White name."
What does that even mean, asking as a European.

Were you admitted to Pratt with that GRE score?


24/ M / American

Currently: Working as legal assistant

PAST: B.Sc in Biology

Applying for M.Arch I Fall 2018

GRE: 162V/161Q/5.0W

GPA 3.75

Schools interested in: UW, MIT, Georgia Tech

LORs: 1 from director of undergrad honors program, 1 from undergrad research advisor, 1 from director of volunteer community art space where I worked for 5 years

Portfolio: Mostly sketches, some photography, undergrad bio research project spread

I applied to 4 schools last year, I was accepted to all but 1 (UW). For personal reasons, I decided to wait another year. The only school I'm considering from the last go around is UW (I was actually waitlisted last year.) I re-worked a lot of the info from my application, SOP, and portfolio from last year, so I'm hoping the UW admissions committee will acknowledge that. Anyone have any insight into reapplying after being waitlisted?

Jan 17, 18 6:49 pm

23/ M / Spanish / 

Currently: Architectural Assistant [London]

Past: B.Arch + MEng Architecture & Environmental Design [Nottingham, UK] 

Applying for M.Arch I fall 2018

GRE: Done


Schools interested in: GSD, Yale, Cornell , UC Berkeley

LORs: 2 "Starchitects", 1 Partner, 1 University tutor from Nottingham

SOP: Done 

Transcripts: Done

Portfolio: Done

Best of luck everyone!

Jan 19, 18 6:06 am

21/ F/ Asian, International 

CURRENTLY: Finishing senior at a top LAC, doing thesis in painting

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch I Fall 2018

GRE: 161 V, 169 Q, 4.5 W 

GPA: 3.95/4.0

INTERNSHIP/WORK:  internship at an architect's office near my school freshman summer, international internship sophomore summer, fellowship independent research in Asia junior summer

was in GSAPP NY-Paris for Paris sem, took 2 M.Arch grad studios at neighboring school


APPLIED: those above and some others

LORs: 4 profs: 1 art prof (advisor), two arch studio instructors (for the grad studios), 1 prof in asian studies (research interest)

SOP: Personal story on how growing up my hometown city sparked my love for arch leading to plenty international experiences (arch related) during undergrad

PORTFOLIO: Projects from arch studios (I had 4 total), paintings, travel sketches, photography 

Jan 21, 18 9:21 pm
jpeg dot jpeg

What led you to not apply to GSAPP? Did something about the NYC/Paris certificate give you doubts?


GSAPP is too expensive and offers zero fin aid to intl' folks so...


Also, I was in NYP because my college finaid paid for it, in case you were wondering how I afforded the program

jpeg dot jpeg

gotcha. that sucks about the lack of financial aid at gsapp.


Does anyone else feel like these 6 odd weeks of waiting are both incredibly long and incredibly short? I spend each day vascillating between extreme excitement and nervousness and it’s making it really hard to do work!

Jan 22, 18 1:23 am

26/ M/ South African, International 

CURRENTLY: Finishing Thesis for my Master of Science

EDUCATION: BS - Chemistry, MS - Organic Chemistry (Florida State University)

APPLYING FOR: M.Arch I Fall 2018

GRE: Acceptable

GPA: BS 3.94 MS 4.0 

APPLIED: UTSOA, Georgia Tech, Berkeley, Sci-Arc, Pratt, MIT, NCSU

LORs: 3 : Professor who I am doing research with. Professor who I'm working for as a TA. FSU Track and Field Head Coach. 

SOP: How my personal life experiences and chemical synthesis background has shaped my interest in Architecture. What I would like to focus on as an architect and what research I would like to do. Also, why that particular school will help me accomplish my goals.

PORTFOLIO: Obviously NO architecture or design background. Included a chemical synthesis scheme that involves the creation of space on a three dimensional perspective. A material mold that I build and designed for efficiency (part of chemistry). 4 self thought out projects that includes 2D sketches (diagrams) and then the 3D models. Demonstrated my thought process and what I think of different forms, spaces and the interaction on different scales.  Old drafting sketches reformed and assembled into artwork and travel photography that focus on color and light.  

Lets hope these next 6 weeks goes by fast.

Good luck everyone.

Jan 22, 18 5:05 pm

I'll throw my hat into the ring, although it looks like I'm the only true MArch II candidate posting.

26 / M / USA

CURRENTLY: Working for a large architecture firm.

EDUCATION: BArch and BA English, UT Austin

APPLYING FOR: MArch II/+MED (Yale)/MPhil Media Practices (AA)

GRE: 168 V, 164 Q, 5.0 A

GPA: 3.70/4

APPLIED: Yale, Harvard, MIT, AA, UCL, Berkeley

LORs: 2 former professors, 2 current supervisors. 

SOP: Tailored to each school, but generally discussed my teaching ambitions and love for abstract design practices and media research.

PORTFOLIO: See above - shared work from studios incorporating abstraction and media practices and some professional design work. 

So far have an interview at UCL.

Go team. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Feb 2, 18 8:49 pm


Any results yet ? 

Feb 12, 18 1:04 am

GradCafe is better to follow results. Looks like a few people have heard from RISD and SAIC, but it will be a few weeks before the other schools start rolling out decisions.


search schools here for when results come out (aka constant page refresh)

Feb 12, 18 9:52 am


Feb 12, 18 7:22 pm

New to this forum, I did not notice many applied to UCLA Suprastudio.
I have received an admission email about 5 min call interview,
I wonder if anyone have received the same?  Is it only checking or
they probably not sure yet? Thanks!

Feb 14, 18 12:21 am

from UCLA?


I just got an email from them, same thing, 5 min call interview. not sure this means yes or no.


I know that Yale and GSD usually reply in early March time, but do people know when Cornell and UC Berkeley release decisions? Thanks

Feb 20, 18 6:53 am

Looks like last year they both rolled out decisions in mid-March.



How did it go?

Feb 21, 18 11:11 pm

it's on march 1st. How was your interview?


I am doing it next week as well, same date.
I have no expectation, it was not mention as a follow up during the application. 


Is this could be a green light? or bad sign? so worried.


I hope it is good sign, will see next week.
It is taking long time, I rather just know : / 


I just had an interview with Berkeley. It's a good sign - they wouldn't take the time to talk to you if they weren't seriously considering admitting you.


@genesse When did you get the invitation from them? How was it? Which program did you applied?

Non Sequitur

There is so much drama in here regarding grad school applications... Archinect should contact Netflix and spin this as a new show. No need for to throw money at writers, most of the content is already here!


​@archmst​, I applied to Studio One, their one-year MArch II program. They first contacted me Saturday. The interview went well, the course sounds very exciting!


Netflix is already busy with BIG.


@placebeyondthesplines_  listen buddy, I have no control over your usage of this website and many people new to archinect will not be familiar with your username but I’m going to kindly ask you to take a step back and reevaluate your life. After a quick google search of your username and scrolling through your history of comments on this website its very clear that you get some kind of high/kick out of spreading negativity and discouragement. I understand that people post their portfolios, resumes, etc. for constructive criticism but there is a difference between constructive criticism and being a downright dick (excuse my french, there are no other words to describe you). Archinect is a site where we encourage people to share their work but if a troll like you is constantly putting people down without providing any real helpful feedback, it prevents people from doing so. Perhaps your parents didn’t hug you enough when you were a kid? Maybe you got rejected from almost all the architecture schools on here? Or maybe you're just some fat slob working a terrible job somewhere? Maybe even all the above? I hope this post finds you well and I just want to let you know that I actually feel sorry for you, a life fueled off negativity is most certainly not enjoyable. And to the archinect community, if you see any comments from placebeyondthesplines_, please just ignore. Oh and best of luck to everyone! Thank you.

Feb 28, 18 11:52 am

YAAAS shut that sonofabitch down!!!

I think they have a new username now... I think Non Sequitur?


No, NS is NOT placebeyondthesplines/placebeyondthesplines_, honey. NS is from Canada and he's had his share of beef with splines (see other MArch threads). While splines makes a lot of good points/criticisms, he has a huge problem with delivering them. 1_1_1_1 is actually on point with this, and he could possibly be an ivy school (maybe Columbia or Harvard or Yale) MArch II reject who is frustratingly and vicariously living through MArch hopefuls who've applied and succeeded in getting into these schools. Or he could be an (accomplished) graduate of those schools, but it's all he has to bring into the table (and that's why he's such an asshole about it) because he could be shit scared of (or useless in) real world experience so he's hiding in academia instead.


first reply is in!!! just got the  acceptance letter from UTSOA 

Mar 1, 18 1:03 am

Awesome! Just got a call from SCI-Arc, I’m in, they haven’t done the scholarships yet.



In Cornell M.ARCH I... 

Mar 1, 18 5:11 pm

Do we know if admission decisions are sent out all out once or sent out in waves?

i.e. if you haven't heard back and others have, can you expect to be ding-mailed in a couple weeks ?

Mar 1, 18 7:30 pm

Just got Accepted into Pratt M.Arch I !

Mar 1, 18 11:04 pm

Just got accepted to UT Austin and UVa. Really excited!

Mar 1, 18 11:07 pm

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