M. Arch Applicants Fall 2018


Hi everyone! So I noticed new applicants are posting on the 2017 forum but aren't getting responses.. so I just wanted to start a new one for us 2018 architecture school babies!

Let's begin discussion!

22/ F / Indian / 

Currently: Working as Project Architect (corporate)

PAST: BFA Architectural Design 

Applying for M.Arch I fall 2018, possibly dual with MLA

GRE: taking sample tests.. first test (q 151, v 151)

GPA 3.4

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 2 years (3 internships), one job

Schools interested in: GSD, MIT, YSOA, UPENN , GSAPP

LORs: need to request, 5 total, mix of professors and supervisior (should I have my internship boss right one?)

SOP: 70% 

Transcripts: 100%

Portfolio: 70% need to revise and review with past profs

I wish everyone good luck and perseverance in this tedious process!

Sep 12, 17 10:12 am

22/ F / U.S./ 

Currently: Finishing up my last semester of undergrad, looking to intern for 6-7 months before graduate school next fall. B.Envd. at Texas A&M.

Applying for: M.Arch I fall 2018

GRE: taking next week. (diagnostic gave me 151 verbal, 160 math)

GPA: 3.8

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 1 internship summer; work in college of architecture

Schools interested in: GSAPP, Pratt, Princeton, UT or Rice, RISD

LORs: need to request. One GSAPP alum (a past professor of mine), current studio professor (formerly worked for Michael Graves), past studio professor (worked with Herzog & de Meuron and OMA), current boss.

SOP: 0% - not really sure how to start, if anyone has any advice! 

Portfolio: 20% - under construction.

Sep 14, 17 11:08 am

25 / M / EU / 

Currently: Working as junior architect in Europe  

Applying for: M.Arch I/II fall 2018

PAST: BFA in Architecture in the US

GRE: need get that going pretty soon, I guess

GPA: 3.22..

INTERNSHIP/WORK: 1 year as an intern and 1 year as employed at the same firm. 

Schools interested in: Pratt, GSAPP, & Parsons 

          - Yes, I'm only going to pay for education if it gives me a way to live in the big apple. Sounds pretty pathetic, but its on that bucket list. 

LORs: 2 former professors, 1 close supervisor, and my CEO. 

SOP: 80%  

Portfolio: 60% - under construction, will have my first draft done in a couple of weeks. 

I do understand that my grades are crap, due to varsity sport and loss of parent during my years of undergrad. How personal am I able to be in my SOP without looking too damaged? Is it here I explain why my first two years' GPA were 2.5 and that my last two were pretty okay? 

If the school only requires two LORs, should I go with my CEO or my supervisor together with a professor? 


Sep 17, 17 4:12 pm

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