Where are you from? Where do you work?


Sheffield, UK - Sheffield, UK.

Sep 7, 17 3:28 am

Who are you, @ Why do you care.

Sep 7, 17 3:44 am

Thought it would be interesting to see where people are from. Might drop on someone who lives around the corner from me. You never know! 

Sep 7, 17 3:48 am
Non Sequitur
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Sep 7, 17 6:07 am


Sep 7, 17 6:33 am


Sep 7, 17 7:34 am

Southwest Virginia

Sep 7, 17 8:03 am

Philadelphia, PA

Sep 7, 17 8:20 am

In west Philadelphia born and raised?


Yes West Philly, not born and raised. Though I am a fan of shooting some bball outside of the school.




How about just shooting someone (just kidding)... went to school in Philly... or shall I say- Philthy?

Range Rover, NY

Sep 7, 17 8:27 am

Astoria. We are all in Astoria.

Sep 7, 17 9:44 am
Non Sequitur

I see what you did there.

I live in Queens?


You do?

I'm at a boutique firm. You've never heard of them, they aren't mainstream.

It's called RBAIBDCO


I have heard of them. Unfortunately.


longer story - Aspen, CO

Sep 7, 17 10:10 am

From Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Currently live in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Sep 7, 17 10:34 am


Sep 7, 17 10:35 am

from earth, work on earth, sometimes its hell and sumtimes heaven

Sep 7, 17 10:38 am

I am from analog. I speak for the fish.

Sep 7, 17 10:51 am

Sure I will shoot, from Florida and I work in Florida

Sep 7, 17 11:42 am
Non Sequitur

yes, I hear people in florida love to shoot.


How have you got on with the hurricane? Hope everything is ok.


I don't get updates on these replies so. Hurricane Irma destroyed us. We were out of power at the office for like three days. As far as shooting is involved I don't get any problems.


Seoul - Montreal - New York

Sep 8, 17 11:51 am

The fish say: please stop breeding so much.

Sep 8, 17 12:40 pm

the friends of orange don't approve of this message

they hate anything logical


Born in Massachusetts. Currently in Oregon. About a decade of nomadic rambling in between.

Sep 8, 17 1:29 pm

In fact, I moved to Oregon 5 years ago today! Gotta get a cake or something.


Hi guys, I'm from United States. I'm a student in major of Faculty of Business Administration. Anyone here in this major? Let's share something!

Sep 8, 17 10:06 pm

I am from a mostly Polish person's womb. I was pushed out or perhaps extracted at Nellis Air Force base. At age ten I tried to read a bible but found it lacking in scientific method. Since then I have focused on all the other books, and boy is there a lot of them.

Sep 9, 17 10:16 am

Ditto on the exit womb. Family from the Tetra Mountains area. Never been, never likely to go, perhaps should.

I have no idea what area, mine used fake names when the "eloped" to the USA.


I think we have similar stories in our family. Whatever it took I suppose...


Vilnius, Lithuania 8-) 

Do you know where it is?

Sep 10, 17 3:02 pm

Kastytis, is that you?

Too bad they cancelled that Guggenheim thing.


Or maybe it's Jūratė :)


Work in Yorkshire now but originally from Geordie Land

Sep 12, 17 6:11 am

Hi Nats, at last, someone local ish! 

Sep 12, 17 6:53 am

Central Florida, 12 - person firm. 

Sep 13, 17 9:45 am

Live in Denver. Have three jobs: one in Denver, one in Boulder, and a virtual company that has projects in 5 cities in the Western US. I work from home, telecommuting, sometimes commuting in person.

Sep 13, 17 9:46 pm

on paper, then on PC, then on pdf

Sep 13, 17 11:36 pm

Then tar and feather? JK.

membrane roofing, if they have the budget

I think I will spec tar and feather if I do a pitched roof some day

An ACR (Alachua County Resident) via Brooklyn NY, Denver/Aurora, CO.

Sep 20, 17 12:29 am

born in the pacific northwest .... work in the pacific northwest!

Sep 20, 17 12:24 pm

I come from the past

Sep 20, 17 12:48 pm

when awake, and sometimes when sleeping

Sep 20, 17 12:49 pm

I am from middle class america 1964. I do whatever it says in the signed agreement, and will be better than what most people are doing.

Sep 20, 17 12:51 pm

LA, LA (land)

Sep 20, 17 1:13 pm

Is that Louisiana? Or the place where "dreams" are made?

Born in Santa Monica, CA. Live in Venice, CA

Oh, I did an un built project in Venice in 1992...How is it down there?

We live two blocks from the beach, and my office is about a mile from my house. We love it here. September is a nice month on the westside of LA. Nice weather, starting to get a little cooler.

I always show people the Predock house when I am down there


born in Denmark, parents are Arab, working currently near Dubai. trying to move to a  place where human brains are not made off one mold, people think more critically and care about more than preserving a delusional past besides showing off with things that they don't originally have! O_O 

Sep 22, 17 2:39 am

and now smart phones, so the molded brains can see ads all day for more things


Seoul - Seoul

Sep 22, 17 3:52 am

that makes two Seoul


Had to think of this:


San Jose,Costa Rica.....pura vida

Oct 13, 17 6:30 pm

Venice, Italy

Oct 14, 17 6:33 am

I come from the East of here. Inside my brain and through my finger tips.

Oct 14, 17 2:18 pm

Leeds, UK - Halifax, UK

Oct 15, 17 9:53 am

I am from Auckland, New Zealand.

Oct 17, 17 1:08 am
Oct 17, 17 4:01 pm

I just left an aluminum airfoil. Now I am pressing against plastic.

Supposedly there is some small distance btwn the outer layers of my skin and the concave plastics.

Oct 29, 17 2:25 pm

I attempt to push the ideas into the concave plastics.

Some people say the ideas come from Jesus but I don't think so.

Oct 29, 17 2:26 pm

Oakland, CA USA - "Bump city" 

Oct 29, 17 7:19 pm

Hi everyone, i'm from Vietnam. I'm work as a manufacturer of furniture

Oct 30, 17 12:21 am

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