How to find an old version of AutoCAD (2010 or earlier)?


Looked on Autodesk's website and all they had was the subscription versions and on Amazon no luck either or they had versions for around $1k.  I just want a caveman version for 2D drafting as I was last was using CAD regularly in 2006.

Aug 20, 17 2:28 pm

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one can use draftsight for free, or could some years ago.

Aug 20, 17 2:38 pm
Wood Guy

What operating system do you use? Autocad 2014 and older won't (or may not) work on Windows 10. 

Aug 20, 17 2:42 pm

I actually saved a windows 8 computer for this very reason!

just pay the $50 per month, that is why it is called extortion

Aug 20, 17 2:49 pm
Wood Guy

Same here. I like some of the new features in LT 2018.

I finally upgraded to AutoCAD Architecture. Because life is short.

Wood Guy

I used that at my last place of employment; maybe it was lack of training or interest, but for the work I do (wide variety of residential renovation and new construction) I didn't see the benefit of AutoCAD Architecture. What do you like about it? Sorry for the hijack, could be a new thread.


I have 2004 on one of my machines with win 10, so yes it does work! Just have to work around a bit. 

Aug 20, 17 4:25 pm
Wood Guy

Do you have the latest updates installed? My Autocad LT 2014 worked fine until the last Windows 10 update. I'm not great with computers so I just went with the subscription model.


Yeah it works fine with the latest updates! Actually when I was upgrading Autocad last year to the newest version and I was on the phone with Autodesk, the IT guys said that there is no way I could run 04 on Win 10. I took a screen shot and sent it to him. He was puzzled!


Try old "Autodesk Developer Network" resources, they had CDs and there were a few thousand of them so some of it may be floating around Ebay type places or ISO archives.

Aug 20, 17 6:12 pm

Have you tried second hand / charity shops? I've seen some old Photoshops and CorelDRAWs next to some GTA and Duke Nukem PC games on more than one occasion scouring some local second hand shops, maybe you'll get lucky and they'll have Acad in one close to you?

Aug 21, 17 4:04 am
If you cannot locate an old cad license you could always opt for rhino 5. One of the last softwares available for outright purchase I think it's like $600 for an individual license. It does everything CAD does (and a lot more), it has a very similar command line with many of the exact or near exact same commands, and the interface can remain as caveman-like as you wish - you can pare it down even more than CAD. There will be a learning curve in terms of sheet sets and plotting as those features are accessed differently, but they are available. It's more than suffice for solo work. As a bonus if you ever start to feel adventurous and want to do some quick 3D work down the line, you have that option without needing to give autodesk more dollars.
Aug 21, 17 8:13 am

Rhino is so great. I love it. I dont use it that much but when I do, look out.

Sir Apple Chrissy

I was filling up my 18 wheeler with diesel the other day at a truck stop in Pennsyltucky and a rock lizard told me about bit Torrents.

Aug 21, 17 8:22 am

Maybe it's for sale on the darkweb? :)

Seriously, Autodesk has put a lot of effort into suppressing the sale of older copies of ACAD as well as not supporting fixes that would make them play well with current Windows versions.

Real innovations and improvements to AutoCad ended quite a while ago, and by making it impossible to "own" the program on a CD-Rom, Autodesk now keeps the money coming in by running a subscription scheme driven by periodic forced upgrades.

Aug 21, 17 10:29 am

I hate that! I just want the CD and use it as much as I want.


Thanks all for the ideas.  I ended up ordering autocad 2011 LT for $50. I was scouring through the net for a while til I found it.  Took a while. Seller seemed a bit sketchy but went through Amazon so we'll see!

Aug 21, 17 10:48 pm

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