Beware the critical comment!


I've noticed a few of my comments evaporate from the thread on which they were posted, and my ability to post a new comment on the thread disabled.

What's that about?

I occasionally poke fun at some item's editorial content and/or writing... is this not allowed any longer?

Jul 11, 17 11:19 am
Non Sequitur

replying from pc or from phone? I've noticed the phone app often looses my comments or keeps me from posting.  I have to copy/paste and refresh. Real annoying.

Jul 11, 17 11:59 am

Thanks, but it's not tech-related.  I'm surmising its based on content... though it's not clear.

Jul 12, 17 1:00 pm

^ Boom!


Your comments weren't worthy of blocking, the Jersey comment had me laughing. Although, you could've posted this photo comment:

Yup, I made a comment on the writing of a certain Archinect "journalist", who merely indulged in a copy-paste act in the "Immigrant architects" feature -- essentially regurgitating a few names that all of us know without anything new.

I pointed this out and boom - my post was gone, and comments on the post were disallowed.

Jul 14, 17 9:44 am

The editors may be trying to get that writer to contribute more articles and decided to eliminate comments as an enticement. Lots of places are doing this, the Atlantic sticks out in my mind because there were lots of comments on the journalistic and editorial missteps as well as the subject. This may be a way to retain younger or more sensitive writers who are not confident or experience enough to defectively deal with criticism. This website long ago removed comments from the projects as the first few comments were not friendly or even good for the discussion, they were snide and juvenile, we consequently get a lot more firms willing to post and share their completed works than before.


One of my comments was hidden when I criticized Alejandro Aravena 1million sq ft art complex in Qatar. Wasn´t Aravena  criticizing basically every architect ever for doing a project that was not for the "social good" of humanity to only himself do something in Qatar of all places?

Jul 14, 17 10:11 am

Starchitects can never do wrong ... so think some of the Archinect "moderators"

Non Sequitur

If a comment is flagged as "ignored" by enough people, does it disappear? Honestly, I've never seen anything of mine disappear and although I've been nicer lately, I am sure plenty I've posted here could be subject to these mysterious comment gallows.

Jul 14, 17 10:23 am

I think the blogs allow hiding comments. 

Jul 14, 17 10:45 am

Yes, I think that's it. My critique of the writing or content choice must have hurt someone's feelings. (2nd try at posting this thought.)


If you're trying to gaslight me, it won't work. I grew up in the 70s and 80s, and my brain cells are ... um ... What was I saying again?


I noticed on *some* news items you can only comment with your real name and not your username. Also cannot edit or delete comments there...

I find it a weird restriction of anonymity.

If anyone monitoring would like to comment on this it would be nice?



Jul 14, 17 11:21 am

By trying to make a comment?

FYI today it is magically different - I can only post with my user name! Looks like the magic elves have been working and switching things up. Thank you :)


I had a few comments go bye bye  

Jul 14, 17 11:49 am

citizen, you've been around these parts forever so perhaps, just perhaps, it's signs of early dementia and you forgot to hit return.  Just saying,  As long as you are on the other side of medicare not to worry. 

We still love you.

Jul 14, 17 1:22 pm

I'm May ' are Aug '04.


Thanks, TED, and you're right about forgetfulness. Better to give the benefit of the doubt than retreat into paranoia.

And Go '04!

Chris_Teeter has an interesting exchange with himself on this news thread (July 8, 17 at 11:37 am) where it appears citizen had a comment that was deleted. Maybe it isn't citizen's memory.

Get out your tinfoil


I am ready.  I never forget.

Jul 15, 17 8:42 am

Never personally, blocked or hidden, only have featured comments, but as I understand it, comments

  •  may be hidden if they are offensive, spammy, intentionally distracting, or an accidental duplicate.

Further, everyone can see a comment that is hidden, and anyone that is logged in can choose to open and view a hidden comment.

Finally, blocking a user will remove their existing comments and will block them from making any additional comments to that specific thread or article.

Jul 25, 17 12:31 am

Necropost by an escort service.  I guess I've still got it!

Although I'd be more interested in a deli escort at this stage...

Mar 15, 19 2:28 am

I have had a 'reply' not show up about a subject but was able to post a 'new comment' (like this one) OK. Neither comment was in the least offensive, In fact they were the same comment, so some kind of glitch is going on (sometimes). 

Mar 15, 19 4:06 am

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