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I am buying this lovely five bedroom home built in 1924. I believe it is a craftsman style, as in the 1920's bungalow rage, but it is huge for a bungalow. It has an attached solarium and was built by E. D. Smith, the founder of and lumber barron in the town in which the home is situated. Any identification help you could give would be appreciated as I plan to begin restoration very soon. Also, I would love some time period exterior paint color ideas. I was looking at 1920's exterior color pallets for craftsman but if that's not what I have I need to it paint to type.

Thank you so much.

Jun 24, 17 12:42 pm

I'd call that a Cape Cod.

Please be forewarned that this site is not a good place for people seeking free design advice. I suggest you hit Houzz - super helpful website for people looking for answers like this.

Good luck!

Jun 24, 17 1:17 pm

Like the student council president accidentally sitting at the hoods' table in the cafeteria


I'd call that a Dutch Colonial.  And, yes, it is lovely... though I'd fix that landscaping.

Jun 24, 17 1:23 pm

I think you're closer to correct than I am, citizen. A sort of quiet Dutch Colonial.


Yes, but whichever, definitely not Craftsman...


And, as noted elsewhere, I should add "Revival." The Dutch weren't still colonizing in 1924...

I'd fix the gutter before worrying about the mulchscaping.

Jun 24, 17 1:51 pm

Everyone sees color differently. One can limit ones colors to what was available in whatever year/place. You could visit the local library and see if they have any color photos from the area/era.  But that seems a bit silly at this point. Just don't paint it bright blue, for example. The flooring is nice.

Jun 24, 17 2:45 pm

And if you need an addition, I know a guy...

Jun 24, 17 3:07 pm

The windows are classic Craftsman but the rest of it, except for the absence of the gambrel roof, seems Dutch Colonial or Dutch Colonial Revival. Speaking of roofs it would seem that you need extensive soffit repair along with the gutters and most likely an entirely new roof. What did your home inspector say?

Jun 24, 17 3:30 pm
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It's in the Multiple Choice Style, no doubt about it!

Jun 24, 17 8:49 pm

Thank you so much. And yes, the roof and gutters will be replaced. Thanks again

Jun 25, 17 12:03 am

And about exterior paint colours, have you considered vantablack?

Jun 25, 17 1:40 am


The interior photos indicate pure Craftsman. The lower interior photo with the doors off of the entryway matching the front door and sidelights perfectly and the upper interior photo of the dark wood surrounding the dark wood doors and the style of the bannister seem classic Craftsman. Good luck and I am sure you will remove the green storm door as soon as possible, even if you don't replace it right away. Good luck!

Jun 25, 17 7:01 am

I disagree, Volunteer. The arched fanlight over the entry door isn't Craftsman is it? It's Colonial. The muntin pattern is what I think Pella calls "Prairie Style" but they're likely not original. And the proportions of the space are Colonial, not Craftsman - it would be wider and lower as the latter.


Colonial Revival as the dominant style of the house's main exterior & form.

Jun 25, 17 10:41 am

Colonial Revival was a style that was around during the Craftsman style so there are elements of the interior that is drawn from the Craftsman style period.

I would consider losing the porch temple.

Jun 25, 17 11:48 am

I agree with Dutch Colonial. Have you looked at Pinterest? Lots of design ideas there. 

For picking colors, I always start with considering the light in your neck of the woods. Also consider the neighborhood palette if there is one worth considering. A local architect can help better than the forum if you want a real professional opinion.

Jun 25, 17 12:44 pm

Dutch Colonials are usually white... makes the woodwork/trim stand out more. 

Jun 25, 17 12:49 pm

those projecting bits of eave at the columns are just awful, sorry

Jun 25, 17 1:36 pm

The projecting eaves are part of what makes it a Dutch Colonial

Donna, the entryway is up for discussion but the second floor photo is right out of the Craftsman book.

Jun 25, 17 2:38 pm

I don't care it doesn't make them any less ugly

Jun 25, 17 3:34 pm

it is literally painful to look at

Jun 25, 17 3:35 pm

A majority of houses are mongrels and hybrids of this and that style.  Purity is fairly rare.

Fortunately, most designs from a hundred years ago were much more expertly composed-- even if of disparate elements-- than the horrid heaps we see being hatched more recently.

Jun 25, 17 4:20 pm

CAD has really reduced the level of sensitivity for detail profiles for example. I avoid historical detailing 100%. I worked on one "spanish mission" bungalow but it was too depressing replicating scroll cut beams, big mood killer.


I say it is a Colonial Revival and maybe specifically Dutch Colonial Revival for the Dutch flavor of "Colonial". My reference is "A Field Guide to American Houses" by Virginia & Lee McAlester. This manual is probably one of the most recognized and among the most officially recognized books on historic architectural styles in the U.S. by historic preservation and architects in historic preservation. It is more recognized than a Pinterest site.

I would argue it is a "Revival" versus an original Colonial style because this house appears to be early 20th century not 17th or 18th century to early 19th century. 

"Dutch Colonial Revival" style not Dutch Colonial unless there is more detail research proving it has been around at the colonial period of the United States.  

Jun 25, 17 5:43 pm

I will say, yes, the flared eaves is a Dutch Colonial reference but there are many other elements that appears to be out of period a little off from being truly of the period. Most actual dutch colonial houses did not have that kind of porch and entry way. If the roof is in fact a gambrel roof but can't quite tell with the photos above... the dormer is certainly a feature not in originals but is in the revival. Those Adam style (sometimes called Federal style) porch and entry/doorway is another element found in Colonial Revival including ones drawn from a Dutch Colonial form template.


I would call this a "Dutch Colonial Revival" as a type of Colonial Revival denoting the reference to the Dutch Colonial style. This house is too new... though. Late 19th century to early 20th century, in my opinion unless there is substantial authentic evidence documenting that the house has been around since the Colonial period and had been remodeled since that time. At this point, it appears to me to be actually a Colonial revival style house using the Dutch Colonial style as a design reference. I give people credit for noting the Dutch Colonial aspect.


Rick the first post states it was built in 1924. Read first, comment later.


That just confirms what I said about it being a "Colonial Revival" / "Dutch Colonial Revival" style house. 1924 puts that square in the early 20th century. With all the other posts saying "Dutch Colonial" is off by about a 100 years or so (give or take) off by date (for a late period Dutch Colonial).

However, I did overlook that citizen did correct himself in a reply to his own post. It's in the Colonial Revival style(s) that were drawing from the Dutch Colonial style architecture as part of its design language.


Funny how that is apparently Dutch Colonial style (not a big fan or expert on those kind of styles), but here in the original Dutchland across the Atlantic none of the houses (ever) look(ed) like that.

Jun 26, 17 11:17 am

nor should they


We should figure out who to sue for that.

we also imported slavery from the Dutch (sadly)


randomised: Dutch Colonial Revival style


Yes, the Dutch always know where to sniff out a deal...traded New Amsterdam/New York for Suriname, the whole world could be speaking Dutch right now :'( And the patriotic tan of your president would look great on Kings Day or during our football matches.

they could make a lot of footballs out of him


Paint it apricot colored.

Jun 27, 17 2:08 pm

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