Shelf Rest: BHMA A156.9, B04013; ??Metal??

Bryon N

For about a year or so I have been seeing in all most all the Architect Spec's coming across my desk:

(Shelf Rest: BHMA A156.9, B04013; Metal, two-pin type with hold-down clips) 

I have 20 years doing high end millwork, & to my knowledge this does not exist. I can find these all day long in plastic but not in metal. Does anybody know if these are made in metal and by who?) 

May 16, 17 11:05 am

I've yet to find one. If anyone knows of one, I'd love to know who makes it as well.

IMHO, this is a classic example of bad specifying. The architect assumed that because it is listed in MasterSpec, this type of shelf rest is widely available in metal and so they specify it. MasterSpec got this wrong, and they should take it out of their spec. But shame on the architect who specifies it without knowing whether it is available.

May 16, 17 12:51 pm  · 

Necroing a thread... but this came up on my job too and I learned something.  We do have them in school systems where it's metal only.  You can spec them to be only metal, but that would be 54013 for steel, 34013 for aluminum, 44013 for wrought alum... the 04013 is material optional, so plastic complies.  Here's more info:

Feb 26, 21 8:26 am  · 

I'm still waiting for someone to make a two-pin type with shelf hold down clips out of metal. I think it's the unicorn of casework. 

I just checked the most recent version of MasterSpec and they rewrote the paragraph that was leading to this. Now they indicate options as: [metal] [plastic] [two-pin plastic with shelf hold-down clip]. Maybe this unicorn will finally fade into folklore where it always belonged. 

Feb 26, 21 12:23 pm  · 

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