designing a prison cell set for film


Hello all,

Any suggestions for materials for a small concrete prison cell for a short film?

I need material for the walls that can pass, under fairly low light, as concrete. I was thinking perhaps drywall spray painted grey or dark blue, but I want to see if anyone with more experience has other ideas.

The dimensions of the set will be about 10 ft X 4 ft X 8 ft 

It will be 1080p video, lit with LED and a couple of small tungsten lamps




Apr 21, 17 10:44 am

You could buy a bag of cement and tons of styrofoam beads.  Coat the beads in gray paint and mix with cement and water (you can look of concrete recipes online, use styrofoam as aggregate).  Form into 8"x16" panels and attach to plywood using adhesive.

Or if you're going for a solid wall look you could make a thick cement paste and paint it onto the plywood.  If you do this make sure you stiffen the plywood so it doesn't bend and crack the cement.

Good luck with your film!

Apr 21, 17 12:06 pm

Spent my first working year at a scene shop building/painting sets for high profile theaterical productions. A concrete faux-finish is the only reasonable solution here. Drywall would work, masonite would be better though. Get an additives like the "paint or sculpt" putty to give texture / depth if needed.

Apr 21, 17 5:21 pm

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