work you admire

for me is duchamp's critique on retinal art, particularly the readymades.

what's yours? it could be anything thought provoking

Feb 14, 17 6:25 pm

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 henry moore, francis bacon, thomas houseago, aaron curry (sculptures only).

Feb 15, 17 11:20 am

  El Lissitzky as for as art work and the work that comes out of the OMA office (literature, art and architecture)

Feb 15, 17 1:55 pm


Feb 15, 17 6:58 pm

and Francis Bacon.

Feb 15, 17 7:21 pm

Vladimir Tatlin's Reliefs & Counter-Reliefs.

Feb 15, 17 9:15 pm

This thread is sad, a bunch of inward looking architects that don't even care enough to admire anything outside of their own discipline.  One of the many reasons creativity and intrigue is generally dead in this field.

Feb 16, 17 11:35 am

Not sure about others but venturing elsewhere brought me nothing but clickbaity stuff involving nude/porn/trump dildo posing off as "art", oh and the occasional Damien Hirst bs.

Think I'll stick to this.


try a museum, gallery, or go check out some art books in the library...the internet sucks for stuff like this...gotta be IRL.

Feb 16, 17 12:27 pm

real life has plenty of abstraction, take a look at Agnes Martin's work.


Well I did and to be honest, almost every aspect of Art these days is covered with computational/generative shapes/installations/sculptures even.

Needless to say, the respite I thought could be offered outside of office was a pipe-dream.

Feb 16, 17 12:35 pm

Helge Skodvin

A Moveable Beast

Waiting for restoration of the Museum of Natural History, Bergen, Norway.

Feb 16, 17 1:28 pm

I live in the suburbs, it is dark at night

Feb 16, 17 1:54 pm

Antonio Sant'Elia's drawings were fantastic.

Jean Prouve

Always like the water colors that came out of Eliel Saarinen's office.

Max Ernst.  Layers and gradient. I can sit and stare at The Eye of Silence for a good long while. 

Naef toys. 

Feb 16, 17 2:53 pm

really admire the work of Jony Ive & co. I love that they not only design an object but the machine required to manufacture it if it doesn't exist already.

Feb 16, 17 10:10 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Richard Serra

Feb 17, 17 8:11 am
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I personally admire the work of garbage men, without them we would really be in one big mess.

Feb 17, 17 11:29 am

Dante's Inferno




Feb 17, 17 12:17 pm

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