Kimbell Art Museum

go do it

Well I am in Ft. Worth  Tx. working and it is my chance to see some Kahn up close. Does anyone know of critiqes on the Piano addition good and bad and also the original by Kahn?

I have some on another laptop bbut did not bring it, I forgot all about the Kimbell.


Jan 11, 17 7:44 pm

Can't help ya, but make sure to see Ando's building next door.  He designed it with the Kimbell Art Museum in mind.

Jan 12, 17 11:52 pm

Kimbell and the modern are awesome. Renz' addition is the weakest of the three, still cool thou, and all the awesome art!

Jan 13, 17 8:41 am
x intern
You might want to hit down town Dallas. We have a couple of calatrava Bridges and a few new buildings by some of the starchitects that are pretty interesting.
Jan 13, 17 9:06 am

Go to Ando's building before visiting the Kimbell. I did the opposite and it kind of ruined Ando's building for me. Also visit the Amon Carter museum by Phillip Johnson. It's pretty good too.

Jan 13, 17 2:17 pm
go do it

I went across those bridges and they are pretty awesome. I wet to the Kimbell but it was cloudy with no sun out so I opted to come back in full sunshine to get the full effect of Kahn's lighting before I go in. I did go to the Carter Museum quite impressive also. Thanks for the suggestions and advice. Any more out there? This is the first time I have been to a great work of architecture and I was not only in awe but emotional as well. Very moving indeed.

Jan 14, 17 7:28 pm

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