NYC R5B Density Factor question


Hi All,

I am new to the community, need some help in determining density factors.  I am considering converting my 1 family in an R5b zone in NYC.

R5b is listed twice in the table in the Zoning Resolution of Article II: Residence District Regulations Chapter 3 - Residential Bulk Regulations in Residence Districts.

In determining the maximum number of residential units, would you use the 900 or the 1350 factor?

Property Details:

20x100=2000sq ft 

1.35 Far x 2000=2700 allowable floor area

Jan 10, 17 2:51 pm

Any architects in here?!

Jan 10, 17 6:10 pm

The footnote for the 1,350 figure says:

***for zoning lots with less than 40 feet of street frontage and existing on the effective date of establishing such districts on the zoning maps.

Assuming your 20' dimension is your street frontage, then you should be able to use the 1,350 number.  So you can convert to a 2 family.

Jan 11, 17 12:24 pm

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