Clients using incorrect titles


I am a landscape designer, and have a client that I did plans for.  My contract and all advertisment materials clearly state that I am a "landscape designer".  In my state a LD can basically practice in full capacity for sfr and commonly does.  The issue is, that this particular project has some grading issues that need permit, and require a civil engineer.  The civil and I are collaborating and things are going well.  The client however keeps emailing the civil and the city with questions and refering to me as a landscape architect.  Im getting a bit worried that the client is using that title for me.  I kindly corrected him at our last meeting, but he still keeps refering to me as a landscape architect or an architect.  Not sure if I should be worried despite the fact that I have never myself used that title or misrepresented myself in anyway...?

Dec 30, 16 1:16 pm

Interesting conundrum!

My recollection is that any charge of misrepresentation as a licensed individual would have to be based on your actions and products: advertising, business cards, title blocks, letterhead, contracts, etc. produced and disseminated by you.  It sounds as though all your materials are clear and correct, so I wouldn't worry.

Dec 30, 16 1:24 pm

jla-x, mail, not email, certified letter stating the above. 

Dec 30, 16 1:34 pm

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