Retail Signs on HVAC intake louvers


I need people to come through with a built precendent for a retail storefront with signage on intake louvers. Decorative or solar louvers may work as well, but not prefered. Thanks!

Nov 9, 16 2:19 pm
Non Sequitur

... and by people, you must mean some wanker at a signage / industrial design firm you're paying right?

I've done some signage in front of louvres before. It's not difficult.

Nov 9, 16 2:33 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

hire an architect?

Nov 9, 16 2:37 pm
Non Sequitur

^ that's good... Olaf. Much better than asking your Mech p.eng.

Nov 9, 16 2:52 pm

like this?

Nov 9, 16 3:34 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

mep engineers do diagrams and use software to do calcs, you need an architect

Nov 9, 16 4:50 pm

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