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Non Sequitur
No judgement, unless you rate a Guinness below 4.75.

There is no alcohol badge. You'll be level 50 in no time!
Nov 12, 16 11:21 am

no judgement here.  of course if you posted that in the trump thread, there would be judgement.

Nov 12, 16 12:06 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

beer drinkers are always decent people. the beer maketh no judgement.

Nov 12, 16 1:50 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Bissel Brothers got their shit together.

Nov 12, 16 3:58 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

not sure great idea but I voted some small small brewery's beer a half star and the owner (or brewer I think) wanted to befriend me....i commented skunk.. so i added him. maybe he is investigating?

Nov 22, 16 11:53 pm

I questioned whether a beer was intentionally soured a while back. The brewery actually responded. I still don't think it was the sour flavor they were after, but they responded and tried to explain.  Some people just seem to want to engage and want feedback?

Nov 23, 16 6:09 am
Non Sequitur
I'm more inclined to give detailed reviews and comments to my small local breweries. Some only have a few 100s check ins total and I imagine the people behind those brews look for comments more than the big guys.

Olaf, maybe you've made yourself a new drinking buddy.
Nov 23, 16 7:36 am

CDA brewed - dryhop commence.

Dec 9, 16 12:49 pm
Non Sequitur

^Cascadian dark?

Dec 9, 16 1:03 pm


Dec 9, 16 1:09 pm

I have a Kentucky common that should be going into bottles in the next week or so.  Have had a lot of other stuff going on lately. Haven't gotten to brew or drink. 

Dec 9, 16 1:25 pm
Non Sequitur

I always have a soft spot for Cascadian brews.

Dec 9, 16 1:27 pm

You can pretty easily add beers not already on the app.

Dec 9, 16 2:31 pm

Entered a home brew competition. Wish me luck.

Dec 12, 16 8:23 am
Non Sequitur

What you enter?

Dec 12, 16 8:28 am

A stout.

Dec 12, 16 8:30 am
Non Sequitur

Stouts are good. Hard to make a bad stout.

g'd luck.

Dec 12, 16 8:33 am

Stouts seem to turn out best in the home brewing. If we win, a local brewery will put it into production for a while and I'll send you one!

Dec 12, 16 8:43 am
Non Sequitur

I'd love to try it... the border agents might have something to say about shipping beer, regardless of how delicious it is.

How heavy is the vanilla, if any?

Dec 12, 16 9:20 am

Mark it perfume samples?

Dec 12, 16 10:14 am

Border agents! Aw. No vanilla.

Dec 12, 16 10:33 am
Non Sequitur

Good. happy to hear no vanilla is added.

Dec 12, 16 10:40 am

good luck tintt...

I totally botched a stout - couldn't really figure out why...funky yeast stuff going on...bubblegummy from a British ale strain - maybe was  a ferment temp issue, I dumped it.

Dec 12, 16 1:05 pm

I just got my water report for the local municipal water.  It explains why all my batches using that water have been pretty bad.  

Now I just need more ingredients and more equipment! It's a never ending thing. 

Dec 12, 16 1:19 pm
Non Sequitur

I have too many other expensive hobbies, can't justify getting into craft brew.  I did get some hop plants as a house-warming gift las fall. Perhaps one day I'll have enough to try something.

One of my fav local brew-pubs put out a pumpkin stout that I would say tasted very much like old buble-gum. I think I gave it a 2 star rating... because the can glowed in the dark. Terrible beer thou.

Dec 12, 16 1:28 pm

NS - it isn't very expensive. To make cider I spent:

$5 - 1 gallon glass jug

$5 - 1 gallon of fresh pressed cider

$1 - airlock

$5 - sanitizer

$1 - yeast


that is literally all you need. Made a batch of wild cider and didn't even need the yeast - just used unpasturized cider and let the wild yeast do their thing. Came out tart and crisp.

Dec 12, 16 3:06 pm
Non Sequitur

But, that's cider.

Dec 12, 16 3:19 pm

you could get all the equipment and brew an extract batch for $100-$150...if you get hooked you will spend $$ lots of it.

Dec 12, 16 3:35 pm
Non Sequitur

The thing is... the house we bought last year already has a small build-in bar (screaming 70's style too!).  It's just asking for a tap and co2.

Dec 12, 16 3:58 pm

The judging for the contest we entered was yesterday. Didn't win but got a lot of positive feedback. The pros said there was a slight metallic taste and recommended Belgian sugar to eliminate that. Going to try again because it has promise.

Jan 9, 17 9:32 am
Non Sequitur

^very nice.

Jan 9, 17 9:47 am

Don't go adding candi sugar quite yet.

What do you clean your surfaces with?  Any dish soaps involved? 

Jan 9, 17 10:07 am

yea - candi sugar isn't going to help.

From how to brew:

"Metallic flavors are usually caused by unprotected metals dissolving into the wort but can also be caused by the hydrolysis of lipids in poorly stored malts. Iron and aluminum can cause metallic flavors leaching into the wort during the boil. "

as john said, I would look at cleansers - use stainless steel for all metals in contact with beer if you can.  The poorly stored malts is way less likely in the statement above.  My guess is that you have a kettle, spoon, strainer, something in your process that is leaching in.

Jan 9, 17 10:57 am

Dish soaps often contain lipids.  So, if lipids are contributing it can come from there.  Metals other than stainless can contribute, as chigurh said.


Additionally, it could just be a judge with an odd palate.  If you went heavy on your black patent, or other dark roasted malts, they might have gotten an overly roasty flavor they observed as metallic.  

Jan 9, 17 11:36 am

interesting. No, we don't use any dish soap. We do have a plastic spoon and use an aluminum pot for boiling and a plastic cooler with a copper coil for cooling. We used a wild grown hop harvested from an old farmstead, so not a controlled agricultural product, we just took a chance.

Jan 9, 17 11:37 am

I bet it is your aluminum pot...If you have the $$ to upgrade to stainless it will make world of difference.  I used aluminum for a long time and had similar issues, the pots get pitted out - oxidization is also a factor.  I also think there is an issue with having two dissimilar metals in contact (aluminum and copper) even for a short period of time which is causing some galvanic corrosion...

Jan 9, 17 12:35 pm

Thanks, that makes sense. 

Jan 9, 17 1:02 pm

If money is tight, you can get reasonably cheap SS pots off Ebay.  Check out Concord pots.  Might have an e at the end.  Not sure. 

I've not used them, but I see them referenced for budget pots quite a bit.  

Jan 9, 17 2:14 pm

should be able to find used pots on craigslist.  I wouldn't buy anything else off CL as you'll want to know for sure that it's super clean before using.

Jan 9, 17 2:36 pm

I was wrong, the pot is stainless. Brewed another batch. Trial and error style.

Jan 21, 17 11:47 am
Non Sequitur

Big beer festival heading my way this friday.

I suspect many check-ins will be made.

Jan 31, 17 12:56 pm

More than usual? Don't hurt yourself.

Jan 31, 17 3:14 pm
Non Sequitur

^pleeeeeease... seasoned vet right here.

I'll be fine, I just need to pace myself at the barley wine kiosks.

Jan 31, 17 3:15 pm
Non Sequitur

Check in unique brew no. 700 this weekend... and it was a dud. Damn raspberry wheat. Poor planning on my part.

Aug 14, 17 10:45 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

i am still at 584 unique...what the hell you pased me!

Non Sequitur

Yep. I've got a few local Untappd friends and we now compete and/or have beer sampling sessions. Really bring up the count!


I've slacked off for a variety of reasons. When I've been able to drink, it's mostly been homebrews. Still sitting at a solid 646. I'm just happy to live in a world where I can check in 646 beers.

Sir Apple Chrissy

little side project.  will be a quote a day with regard to drinking or thinking (philosophy)...sat on this to long, assembled 600+ quotes for 140 characters, and now twitter is going 280, doh!  so like 2 years of drinking and thinking lined-up


follow us on twitter and drink drink drink.

[Chris Booth was commissioned for above image, based on a Colin Wilson passage and then some]

Nov 18, 17 6:14 pm

I think I helped with that too.

Sir Apple Chrissy

a handful of people too and I feel like I totally dropped the ball. Booth did the drawing I think in 2014 or earlier, the idea is def. 2012, and then the quotes were assembled by 2015, and then the graphics (you and others) 2016...and then I hear Twitter goes to 280...hoping the 140 rhythm is missed, because 280 is too easy.


Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.
William Butler Yeats

Non Sequitur

I like that one hairy guy who brought a spear to a movie.

Sir Apple Chrissy

evolution of the the thinking man - left to right. evolution of the drinking man right to left. will have to find the Colin Wilson passage...

Sir Apple Chrissy

tinbeary that qoute might just make it in!


Here is a "free will" quote for you too. Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny. Mahatma Gandhi

Sir Apple Chrissy

beer advent calander!  Non,most. Brilliant. Going to put this together

Dec 3, 17 3:58 pm
Non Sequitur
Thanks Chris. My wife trekked out to Gatineau (Quebec) for it. I’m hoping I’ll get a fun du monde brew soon. The lid has 24 punched doors.
Dec 3, 17 5:21 pm

i don't give my crown up easily.

Dec 5, 17 4:16 pm
Non Sequitur

What crown and can I drink it?

it's big and no you can't

Non Sequitur

But I'm thirsty...

Sir Apple Chrissy

Dilly dilly

Non Sequitur

My beer advent revealed a grapefruit IPA this morning... I am not looking forward to this evening's brew.  Grapefruit is literally the worst thing.

Dec 6, 17 12:19 pm

oh I like that stuff

Non Sequitur



I wouldn't want a grapefruit IPA. But Shiner Ruby Redbird is some glorious stuff on a hot summer day.

We have this mini-mart in our neighborhood that is "under performing" it is one of the better beers within short biking distance, sadly. The best (at said minimart) is Arrogant Bastard.

Non Sequitur

That grapefruit beer was terrible.

Dec 7, 17 4:36 pm

That is a Summer by the HOA pool sort of beer.

Non Sequitur

Could work, although not even the hottest afternoon nor a refreshing pool can convince we to consume anything derived from grapefruit. Does not help that it was -10 and snowing when I drank this last night.


how can a beer be derived from grapefruit? curious in general about these fruit beers, is it added after the brewing?


JLC, yes.

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