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Do we have an award for king/queen beer drinker?

If you search for 20grit, I think I'll come up. 

Jun 13, 16 11:02 am
Non Sequitur

An award?

Is a fine pint of beer not enough of a reward?

Great idea for discussion. My beer statistics pale in comparison to yours and Olaf's. I have some catching up to do this summer.

Jun 13, 16 11:10 am

I'm closing in on 1,000 uniques. One of the only apps I consistently use.

Jun 13, 16 11:59 am
Non Sequitur


Sir. Pete, that is a great achievement.

Jun 13, 16 12:22 pm

I'm beckybebecky and I sent a few friend requests.

Jun 13, 16 12:30 pm
Non Sequitur

Tintt... request sent your way.

Jun 13, 16 12:32 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

i think the award should be monthly and shit the other drinker can not get. i checked out senjon's and nons list and there is stuff I would love to get my hands on.

Jun 13, 16 12:36 pm

When I switched jobs, it moved me very near a grocery store and craft brew store that both have amazing selections.  It has not been kind to my wallet. 

Jun 13, 16 12:42 pm

i've been posting on for quite some time, but this has inspired me to try to be more social. Just created an account: playitfaster.

Sent a few friend requests too

Jun 13, 16 12:44 pm
Non Sequitur

Olaf, I'm "shopping" in your list and adding to my wishlist.

I need to find a pub nearby that serves dubbels and triples so I can catch up.

Jun 13, 16 12:48 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

tripels is where its at. also, if a competition my only rule is you have to take photos of beer

Jun 13, 16 1:48 pm

I take it pete is Darken Rahl.  Impressive. 

Jun 13, 16 3:02 pm

Getting too close to losing my anonymity. ;)



Jun 13, 16 3:16 pm

Well, a reasonably unskilled stalker could, with the information provided in the app, find me.  

Jun 13, 16 3:24 pm
Non Sequitur

^but who would take the time to do that... unless they are also interested in beer ratings. If that's the case, they can join the club too!

I've got my bar fridge at home stocked with new brews I'm just waiting for the time to try (reasoning as to why time is of short supply presented in TC).

Jun 13, 16 3:27 pm

Ns,  I  hope you have a special brew for the special day.

Jun 13, 16 3:30 pm
Non Sequitur

I do.

I have two bottles of this bad boy waiting on stand-by:

Jun 13, 16 3:35 pm

Sounds delicious.

Jun 13, 16 3:38 pm


Jun 13, 16 5:02 pm
Non Sequitur
Chigurh, you rocking an untapped account too?
Jun 13, 16 5:21 pm

It's just fantastic seeing all these beers.  I've never heard of most of them. Which means there are still more beers for me to drink.

The future is bright. 

But you people can have all the singels, dubbles, tripels, quads and IPA's. 

Jun 13, 16 5:24 pm

olaf... will do pictures from now on. i threw a few beers I have had in the last few days up there just to get started. 

i've been loving the new-found attention to sours, saison, and gose - i'm not a big IPA fan, although I do enjoy a good Belgian ale.

Jun 13, 16 5:32 pm

I am not but I'm a huge beer nerd.

My go to beers are all over the place:  British beers any styles:  bitter, mild, porter, stout, old ales, barleywines.  Also dig american porters, stouts, pale ales, IPAs, german, czech and vienna lagers.  Also dig american sours, lambics,  gueuze - only thing I don't really dig on are Belgian style farmhouse ales or Trappist ales - that peppery/citrus phenol profile kills me.  

Jun 13, 16 5:44 pm

If you can find the Sierra Nevada City Beer Store 10th Anniversary collab, do so. It's a fantastic Milk Stout.

Jun 13, 16 6:26 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

the competition could be something like - drink the largest variety of Pilsner based on country. so if person A drank 15 different beers from 5 different countries vs person B who drank 10 beers from 7 different countries - person B wins.

Jun 13, 16 7:52 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

senjon I just made a group, but maybe its only a filter on user end?

Jun 13, 16 8:03 pm
Non Sequitur
Posted first picture along with a caption. I'll try and keep it up.
Jun 13, 16 11:28 pm

Yep, as of right now, they're only on the User's end.  So, it's sort of a way of grouping us, but we're not in any sort of social group on the app. 

For some reason, I've been very good at predicting recent beer trends.  Several years back, I got into Saisons/farmhouse ales.  Started seeking them out and coming up with some brewing ideas. Shortly after that, they seemed to start flowing into the market. 

Then more recently, I found Sours.  And I love sours. And just like with the saisons, there was a sudden flood of sour beers.  

I will say, I've yet to find a Gose that was really worthwhile.  I feel like we may have brewed that one just to have something different. I could see the same thing happening with Kentucky Common, or some other beer with some history, but a current limited offering. 

Jun 14, 16 7:57 am
Non Sequitur

I want to like sours... I really do, but I find it hard to get them here. My local craft brew pub attempted one last summer, and I am ashamed to say it, I found it undrinkable. Give me a Lambic any day thou... 

I am big big fan of saisons.

Jun 14, 16 8:33 am

sjb - i put a few beers on my profile just to get it started - one of them was Marz Brewing's Ruby's Tears Gose. I found it amazing and usually i'm unimpressed by most beers in that style.

NS - i could drink lambic like water. Usually pick up a couple bottles of framboise lambic for occasions when one would normally drink champagne since i hate that stuff. 

Jun 14, 16 9:15 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

samual smiths organic strawberry goes down like gatorade in the summer....if you like a Lambic you may like that

Jun 14, 16 9:37 am

olaf - sometimes those types get a little sweet for me. If you are into that, Abita makes a great strawberry brew too. And their Purple Haze is another good fruity beer. Oh and their barley wine. Damn good brewery in general.

Jun 14, 16 10:09 am

who brews?

Jun 14, 16 11:02 am

Purple haze is great.


One issue with the sudden influx of sours is the breweries trying to shortcut. Sours take time, and shortcuts only serve to make bad sours.

Jun 14, 16 12:16 pm
Non Sequitur

^ perhaps that's the case with my beloved local pub's version of a sour.

Jun 14, 16 12:19 pm

I brew. Just got a mash tun.  So, now I can either do BIAB or traditional sparge. 

Jun 14, 16 1:24 pm

brewing rules.  all grain is the best - going pro.  cooler with false bottom?  s.s. kettle?  I use a cooler, better for maintaining sach mash temp, although I would like to start doing some multi step mashes.  

Jun 14, 16 1:37 pm
Non Sequitur

I don't brew but a good friend of mine does. We make a batch of pumpkin ale every year in time for the fall season. I did plant a hop vine a few weeks back so perhaps one day I'll be able to use some in a batch.

Jun 14, 16 1:47 pm

My kettle if I BIAB is an SS Brewtech 10 gallon.  The mash tun is a keg that has been insulated and has a slotted false bottom.  

I had hopes of being able to use the keg on a burner, but the previous owner put the ball valve on the bottom... Kind of makes applying heat a bit of an issue.  Some day, I'll have a sweet full setup.  Until that lottery victory, I'll just run this ghetto rig. 

Jun 14, 16 2:06 pm

i also make my own.  no untapped for me, my beers have no name, and i can't afford better beers since i have to buy a third refrigerator to keep my fermenter cool.  and a plate chiller.  and a bunch of other stuff.

Jun 14, 16 2:16 pm

curt, you can add your home brews to untappd. :)

Jun 14, 16 2:26 pm

My husband brews, I help. We are growing hops this year in the garden. Our latest brew is good enough to enter into a contest and we will be doing that sooner rather than later.

Jun 14, 16 2:31 pm

i can add my homebrews to untapped?

my internet is down for a while at home, but if that's something that's done, i would be happy to do it.  hell i'll mail you a few if you want ;) (not sure i can actually do that)

i just got into bulk grains, which means a bunch of 50 pound bags of malt.  costs less than half what i was paying by the pound, but it also means lots of victory and a nice belgian aromatic in my future.

Jun 14, 16 6:23 pm

any of the home brewers have recommendations on a good beginner how-to? I finally have the space for something like this, may as well take advantage.

Jun 14, 16 6:25 pm

I would buy a northern brewer starter kit or equivalent from your local homebrew shop - everybody starts with extract, do a few batches there, see if you want to scale up equipment to go all grain.

Jun 14, 16 6:46 pm
Non Sequitur

Curt, you can create a brewery and list your brews so that others can review them.

Jun 14, 16 7:43 pm

We made our own mash tun and copper tubing cooling system from stuff from Home Depot.



Bought a couple of 5 gallon kettles from the cooking aisle at the regular store. 

Jun 14, 16 7:52 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Curt can you mail me a beer? 

Tried to bring back beer from Iceland once, but don't put it in the luggage which is in a non-pressurized part of the plane! doh.

Jun 14, 16 8:21 pm

Sure. If you can click my name and Send me an email, let me know how you want it sent. I suppose I can put it in a box and not tell anyone it's a beer. Nothing could go wrong, right? They fly mail. Might end up messing up other people's packages.

Jun 14, 16 9:24 pm
Non Sequitur
I would totally consider a beer exchange thing through fedex or whatever. I just have a border to deal with. Anyone know a way around this?
Jun 14, 16 9:34 pm

Car? We're not building walls around that border.

Jun 14, 16 9:41 pm

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