I need some Texture software making.

Michael Adams

What you suggest?

Apr 22, 16 3:10 pm
Non Sequitur


Apr 22, 16 3:24 pm  · 


Apr 23, 16 7:52 am  · 

Depends on the program, but photoshop should accomplish everything you need (if you know what you're doing).

I've been intrigued in wanting to give this one called "Substance Designer" a test-run, however I get the impression it's more geared towards movie studios/etc that require a much more indepth suite.

Apr 23, 16 10:04 am  · 

Substance designer isn't really needed for architects and archi vis.

Apr 23, 16 8:47 pm  · 

Why spend time creating something you can easily find by the dozens and many x better you can hope to accomplish from scratch? 

Apr 25, 16 4:01 pm  · 

What you think about Genetica 4.0? Try with it.

Apr 25, 16 4:21 pm  · 

Back in my video game days we would create textured by rendering them in Maya - the output would be the maps - then we would composite them in Maya to create more sophisticated textures to apply to the model surfaces. I am thinking this same stunt can be done in Max or in Revit with Pshop assist of course

Apr 25, 16 5:14 pm  · 
Michael Adams

I need it, hm, more for Graphic Design, I tried with Photoshop, but I didn't get results that I need. Thank you. I will try with the rest.

Of course I appreciate and other suggesstions.

Apr 25, 16 5:54 pm  · 

Hi. You can look at the Architextures tool as an alternative. It is created by architect Ryan Canning and works very well. Best regards

Jan 25, 21 6:55 am  · 

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