best architecture school websites


which architecture school websites do you think are best in terms of:

1. navigation
2. graphics
3. content

just curious to know some opinions.

Feb 5, 05 6:36 pm

i like sci arc. it is simple to navigate and has a lot of links. i wish there was a part about berkeley street pictures and videos. actually it is the most accessible architecture school i know of.

Feb 5, 05 7:10 pm  · 
general acres


Feb 5, 05 10:05 pm  · 

the bartlett website,
but then it is the best architecture school too!
but seriously- i do like the navigation, and once you get to the cntent- the display works really well- and the work is amazing

Feb 6, 05 4:17 am  · 

I like the Architecture Association of London- easy to navigate, and the content is very interesting, Sculpture or Architecture? That’s for you to decide.

P.s-turn your speakers off when you enter the site, it has a bunch of bells and whistles… The downfall of the site

Feb 6, 05 3:09 pm  · 

in general, architecture school websites seem to be more than your typical academic site. they are a showcase their work and philosophy through their graphics and navigation. some try too hard (ie: ucla , columbia) or do too little (ie: csu pomona , georgia tech)

i appreciate the following sites for their balance of content, graphics and navigation.
bartlett for its elegant interface.
rice for ease of navigation and relevant content.
auburn for its simple layout and use of XML feeds

Feb 7, 05 4:48 pm  · 
le bossman

asu used to have a decent, "clean" website, but about three years ago they put the aias in charge of redesigning it and this is what they did:


Feb 7, 05 8:30 pm  · 

columbia's new website drives most of us nuts... judge for yourself:

it's pretty, but ridiculously cumbersome to navigate. sigh.

Feb 7, 05 8:34 pm  · 

ditto joed

Feb 7, 05 9:11 pm  · 

I like the following:
Rice (
Ohio State (

because they are inventive, bold, and not just show(lots of content)

Feb 8, 05 11:12 am  · 

anyone ever been to Cincinnati's website?

terrible--they need to update now that their rankings are getting higher...

Feb 8, 05 1:08 pm  · 


Rice's website was like that too. It wasn't up to date, it didn't have enough information, but then we got eager new people in the publications department, and "ta-da."

Feb 9, 05 12:18 pm  · 

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