pendant lighting?


Archinect members have never let me down...this time, i'm looking for a well designed pendant lamp or ceiling fixture for my new apartment...something either restrained Modernist or attention-grabbing funky...any direction?

Feb 3, 05 4:59 pm


Feb 3, 05 5:13 pm

also this fixture
designed by lewis tsurumaki and lewis..

Feb 3, 05 5:17 pm

Huge selection, pricey, but soem very cool stuff.

Feb 3, 05 5:18 pm

I have longed for that Louis Poulsen PH 5 pendant. Someday.


Karim Rashid's Kovac lights are really nice. I like the floor standing ones better than the pendants, but still nice.

Feb 3, 05 6:35 pm
Feb 3, 05 6:41 pm

i meant to add to above go to product tab

Feb 3, 05 6:43 pm
R.A. Rudolph

nelson lamps - sell em at dwr, give off very nice light... I even convinced my mom to put one in her kitchen.

Feb 3, 05 6:49 pm

i love droog design's frosted milk bottles. sold as a single or as a large mass. i think the singles are pretty reasonably priced.

Feb 3, 05 6:54 pm

Tord Boontje Garland Light or Midsummer Light

Both very cheap and sexy.

Feb 3, 05 6:57 pm
Louis Poulsen Orbiter

in the galvanized finish.

Feb 4, 05 8:52 am

Good choice daver, but my favourite has to be the classic PH-5 Pendant.

Feb 4, 05 9:05 am



Yea, Poulsen has some very nice designs. The Artichoke is also up there as a favorite of mine and along the same fragmented lines Ingo Maurer's "Lover Letters" (aka Zettel'z 6) is striking.

Feb 4, 05 9:42 am

the Artichoke is one of my favourites. All their fittings are quality,

shown on the right

Feb 4, 05 12:40 pm


Feb 4, 05 1:42 pm

PH Artichoke is a lovely fixture, until you look at the pricetag!

Feb 4, 05 1:51 pm

i love poulsen's fixtures but not the artichoke. maybe it's too ornate for my tastes. or maybe it's because i see it used a lot. and yeah, the price hurts too.

Feb 4, 05 2:06 pm

the ones on the left of the pic are also nice.

it looks like it's not this one, though:

Feb 4, 05 2:25 pm

Call your Poulsen rep. They have a professional program that will save you some bucks.

Feb 4, 05 4:11 pm

i didnt want to start a new thread since i found this one, so does anyone know of any cheap/rather large pendant lamps? i searched for the nelson lamp- but they are all so expensive and not so large- i would need three to fill the foyer that we need them for.


Jun 9, 09 8:56 am
liberty bell

Seriously, try Overstock dot com. They often have good stuff for quite inexpensive. We shop there for clients a LOT.

Jun 9, 09 9:31 am

Here is another source for some unique modern pendant lights

Mar 29, 14 8:25 pm

This shop sells a lot of pendant lighting . You can visit the website:

Oct 24, 17 4:13 am

Lowes, $182. The glass is eight inches in diameter. By several if you want to go big.

Oct 24, 17 8:10 am

What do you see in that fixture, volunteer? What is the quality of light like? I ask because it looks harsh. I look for invisible light sources (no visible bulb) and diffuse even light. 

Oct 24, 17 9:01 am

The antique style bulb comes in different wattages or you can use a dimmer. It is for mood lighting - not harsh at all. Partly old style and partly contemporary. I just like it, and the price is a good value.

Oct 24, 17 9:22 am

And all the hipsters love those lamps Volunteer,  you can measure gentrification by the popularity of that lamp in your neighbourhood, source:

Oct 24, 17 3:01 pm

I am a hipster? Say it isn't so.

Modernism was supposed to bring well-designed 'stuff'' into the financial range of everyone. Sadly, that hasn't happened. Who has $5,000 to spend on a Barcelona chair? There are some objects that are will-designed and affordable. Maybe we should list some of those?

Here is a small candleholder by Iittala from Crate and Barrel. $6.95. Very useful for holding paperclips and coins on a desk as well.

Oct 25, 17 7:36 am

I honestly don't know what's hipster anymore, just thought it quite funny that your lamp of choice is a signifier of gentrification.


Industrial-style lights and table lamps are still a strong trend for modern interiors and an easy way to add some instant cool to a room. Ceiling lights, pendant lamps & chandeliers available in different styles and sizes for any space. Innermost combining cutting-edge design with sophisticated style, the pendant light is the perfect choice for the contemporary home and interior decor.

Nov 28, 18 8:25 am

Beautiful and affordable white LED lights   

May 30, 19 11:02 pm

Hi Evleyva

Some products that I used in my design:

You can also search here:

Just apply some filters to your search, according to your needs.

Some have the price listed, for some you have to dig more.

Hope this helps

May 31, 19 3:12 am

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