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since stark and lifeform have just about finished picking your brains regarding boy names, i'm now begging for help with girl names. we've had a running list, but neither of us have been inspired by any of them. my last name 'ward' (simple, right?) unfortunately sounds very awkward with an awful lot of names. any ideas?

currently in the running: linnea, adele, amelie, adeline, sophia, naomi, merritt

possible middle names: any of the above + morgan, shively, quinn, emerson (family connections)

mix'n'match at will.

Jan 18, 05 5:47 pm
Josh Russell

amelia elizabeth ward is my vote

or if you must have something from your list:
sophia emerson ward

Jan 18, 05 5:56 pm  · 
R.A. Rudolph

I love Sophia too - Sophie is tops on our list now. Amelia is very nice, Linnea interests me because it makes me think of botany. Naomi Ward sounds like a movie star (naomi watts?)... I vote emerson for the middle name.

Jan 18, 05 6:02 pm  · 

one syllable last names are always tough to match up to a first name without relying on the middle name to serve as cohesion.
i would go with a three syllable first name, like julia, amelia, sophia, like those listed above. try to find a girl's name without a vowel sound at the end, you know, stay away from names like emily, katie, julie, amy, etc.
but definitely choose a name with several syllables, unless you prefer something like mary-kate or bobbie jo to fill in the lost syllable.

Jan 18, 05 6:06 pm  · 

Naomi Quinn

Jan 18, 05 6:09 pm  · 

meversusyou - you nailed it. exactly what we're grappling with.

Jan 18, 05 6:29 pm  · 
Ms Beary


Jan 18, 05 6:37 pm  · 

i think you have a great opportunity to choose a foreign name and be really successful at it. i like the name Edyta, its polish, roughly the same as edith. (pronounced A-di-ta)
Isabel is a great name too

Jan 18, 05 6:41 pm  · 

we're having a girl also...its been super hard to find a decent name, i think boys are easier. we have a lot of overlap with your names but without giving away our whole list what about audrey, lola, sadie, charlotte, eva, or quinn for a first name instead of middle.

meversusyou- i was a little confused by your post since all of those names have a vowel at the end...i take it you prefer a vowels to the i-ie-ys...

Jan 18, 05 6:44 pm  · 

yeah, i was too general in saying all vowels, i meant names ending with an 'e' sound, way too common, yet hard to avoid.

Jan 18, 05 6:51 pm  · 

Ailie (my daughter's name) - anglicized version of the celtic Eilidh
Siri (norwegian name)

Jan 18, 05 7:06 pm  · 
Ms Beary

On supernanny last night the little brat girl's name was Andra. I think its cute, different but not too different. Andra Shively Ward.

How is Shively pronounced anyways? Shive-lee Or Shiv-i-lee?

Jan 18, 05 7:47 pm  · 


Since we practically started dating through a series of Audrey Hepburn movies, Audrey was an obvious early choice. Unfortunately a friend of my wife announced that she was naming her daughter Audrey just before we found out...

Sadie and Charlotte were already nixed by my wife (who's definitely having more of an issue with this than I am). Isabel/Isobel/Isabella was another early choice, but there are so many! I like Ailie, but she says no. Andra's not bad > goes on the list.

Jan 18, 05 7:55 pm  · 

dang. my husband is nixing sadie, he doesnt want any young men calling his daughter sexy sadie.

i dont think isabel is too overused... not like olivia. how about elinor, and my personal favorite is aoife (irish, pronounced like eff-a). but probably too strange for here. another good irish name is maille (pronounced molly)

i like adelaide too. we would have gone with that but same thing, a friend got to it before us- but you could use it.

Jan 18, 05 8:05 pm  · 

it seems that alot of older names are coming back, my grandmother's best friends are named olivia and elinor. how about helen? is that too old of a name?

maille is a great name! you can actually hear the irish accent in it.

seven is a good name too, just ask george costanza

Jan 18, 05 8:16 pm  · 

Not a suggesion per say but since I'm also working on baby names I figured I would share a great source that tells you the top 500 names taken (boy and girl) each year since something like 1990.

This is probably the only use I will ever get out of my Social Security contribution (so this is one f-in expensive list):

Jan 18, 05 8:20 pm  · 

The problem with the social security list is that it separates names by spelling, so some names - like Isabelle/Isabella/Isabela etc. - don't appear on the list to be as popular as they are (though they're still way up there!)

Quinn seems to be extremely popular right now for both boys and girls - maybe to the point of being overused. I have two former classmates and FOUR clients who have all named their child Quinn in the last 2 years.

Jan 18, 05 9:19 pm  · 

Stark Here To repay you the favor.

Steven As I hope You know..., We had a girl.

Yes..., The ultra sound was Wrong Way Wrong.

Thruth is stranger Than Fiction.

Some names I like for a girl

Hope these help
And Check the Ultra Sound Again.
Best of luck to you.

Jan 18, 05 9:44 pm  · 
Ms Beary


Jan 18, 05 10:01 pm  · 

though im not even married, dont plan on having kids for at least another 5 years, Im sure Im going to name my daughter (if i have one):


i think its the name of a saint, but im not sure, but I just loove the way it would sound - Alameda Iyangar !!!!

Jan 18, 05 11:04 pm  · 

how about Meibeeay?

Jan 19, 05 12:14 am  · 

....going to hollywood on this one...
how about Sela Ward....Celia.....Selia has a nice ring to it...

Jan 19, 05 1:10 am  · 

Whoa, Stark! Haven't been checking in lately and hadn't heard that one. Congratulations!

On that note, yes, we'll be going back anyway for a second ultrasound in about a month. We'll make double-sure.

My wife, after stewing over it for a while, has nixed Naomi now. But I got to add Carson to the list.

In general we're staying away from biblical names or other religious-y names like Hope and Faith and variations on Mary/Maria.

Jan 19, 05 8:04 am  · 

Sofia (check the latin spelling)

Jan 19, 05 9:24 am  · 

It was a great suprise.

You Will get some great names this way
and some funny ones too.

Good Luck.

Jan 19, 05 9:26 am  · 

Naomi is a biblical name.

Anything ending with the syllable "son" means "son of" - for instance "Madison" means "son of Matthew". So I've never understood the great popularity of Madison as a girl's name. So Carson sound weird to me...

Jan 19, 05 9:34 am  · 

My mom’s name is Amelia. She’s a total loon but everybody likes her and she seems to like her name a lot. She’s under the impression that she was named after Amelia Airheart and it may actually be the case.

You could tell your daughter that anyway since it’s better that being named after some kid on archinect’s crazy mom.

Jan 19, 05 10:17 pm  · 

Just stumbled over this, while looking up something regarding the inch vs meter thread

Maybe the "Institute for Naming Children Humanely (I.N.C.H.)" can help you....

Jan 20, 05 4:35 am  · 
too degrading

go for some greek tragedy... Jocasta! Clytemnestra! Medea! Iphigenia! (Iffy!!) any of the muses... heroines from Henry James novels... Massie! Isabel (very au courant now, perhaps too common)

Sophie? i dunno... unless you're a coppola...

My faves: Nancy, Courtney, Debbie, Patti. Kim, Joan, Suzi

All righteous chick rockers-roll models deluxe

Jan 20, 05 5:11 am  · 

Aluminate - you're right on Naomi; that was the deal-breaker.

newstreamlinedmodel - Amelia is what got us to Amelie; an attempt to update (and we love Audrey Tautou).

too degrading - Greeks, huh? Like Melpomene, Artemis, Aphrodite, Clio. Indeed.

Rockers: Courtney who lost custody for doping in front of her kid? Nancy, as in Sid and _? You must be joking. The others work well as nicknames, but the full names: Deborah, Patricia, Kimberly, Susan - all sound like friends of my mother.

The INCH link is a riot. Thanks, urbanisto.

Any thoughts on Adeline (aka Addie)? Isadora (aka Izzy)?

Jan 20, 05 10:33 am  · 

Some of my favorite names of the moment:

Jan 20, 05 10:14 pm  · 

a few...

Vivian Adeline Ward
Elle (Elinor) Adeline Ward
Isabelle Eleanor Ward
Darcia Adeline Ward

Think about nicknames...I personally like Elle.

Jan 21, 05 12:18 am  · 
too degrading

Steve-but don't forget - your mom is HOT - and her friends SIZZLE. Help me out here ladies - should gals NOT get strong names based on strong women? Joan. Monica. Charlote (stabbed Marat in a tub) - notoriety is one thing, I'm not recommending Squeaky for crap's sake. When I was a pup Lillian was on everyone's lips as Jane Fonda smoked her way to an Oscar nom... but I digress.

Do we agree the first name can assist and define the personality? Or we just lookin for some aesthetic frison with the belles lettres of the first middle last and or hyphen fascination?

And Courtney got her kid back dammit. And why mess with her with THAT f-upped hubby/father figure. Apropos avoid Sylvia. All these girl names should inspire us all to relisten to Kim Grrrodon singing that Sonic Youth dittie about Naaaaoooomi....

Florence is the anti-Paris?

Jan 21, 05 2:53 am  · 
too degrading

But I do like Isadora/Izzy... just don't force her to take ballet. She'll mean it!

Jan 21, 05 2:57 am  · 

It doesn't have 3 syllables, but:

Haven Ward

I went to school with a girl by this name and always liked the sound of it.

Jan 21, 05 8:22 am  · 

Elinor I like, but it's already been vetoed.

The current favorites (per my wife; most of MY list has been scratched through): Adeline, Linnea, and Lydia. (Lydia - despite my singing that old Kermit song to her about 'Lydia the Tattooed Lady'.)

Not sure how I feel about this...Help!

Jan 21, 05 9:17 am  · 
Ms Beary

Lydia is no good. Sounds like a witch.

Jan 21, 05 9:26 am  · 
design geek-girl

Hmm, how about Lila... like Lola, but less stripper sounding. I think your wife would like it.

Lila Emerson Ward

Jan 21, 05 12:12 pm  · 

Nevets Ward
Steven spelled backwrds
Nev Ward for short.
Ok it's a strech.

Jan 21, 05 12:42 pm  · 

Steven - did you move to LA from CT by any chance? Maybe I know you from A/E

Jan 21, 05 4:44 pm  · 

Never been to Connecticut...

Jan 21, 05 6:38 pm  · 

hey steven when is your wife due?

i'm due 2/14

Jan 21, 05 7:02 pm  · 

We still have MUCH more time to negotiate names. 6/8.

Lila. /LI'-la/. /Li-LA'/. Hmmm.

Jan 21, 05 7:57 pm  · 
vado retro

my niece named her baby layla like the classic rock tune. she;s a cutie. good luck

Jan 25, 05 8:20 pm  · 


go on, it's easy...

Feb 3, 05 12:11 pm  · 
el jeffe

my daughters are: isabella (izzy) and amelia (mia) - so i'm partial to those. we actually backed down from Emilia, fearing that her nickname could be 'emmy'. I like Lila quite a bit too.

Feb 3, 05 12:36 pm  · 

she's here! born on memorial day at 6:30 in the am. mom is fine and baby is perfect.

and the winner is....


Jun 2, 05 1:24 pm  · 
Luis Fraguada

congratulations . . . beautiful name!

Jun 2, 05 1:27 pm  · 
el jeffe

congratulations steven...nice choice.

Jun 2, 05 1:27 pm  · 

thanks! mom's going to call her adeline, but i'm already using addie most of the time.

Jun 2, 05 1:30 pm  · 
el jeffe

i actually call mine 'squirt' and 'sprout'...they seem to like it.....

Jun 2, 05 1:31 pm  · 

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