Looking for precedents: Buildings that use an existing steel frame


Just as in the title, I am looking for building precedents of buildings (of any nature) that make use of an existing steel frame by incorporating it into a new design (in its original position).  I know they're out there I've found a few on google by chance but apparently I am not using the right search terms.

Hell, even some helpful search terms to plug into google would help.  So far I was able to find some under the phrase "existing steel". 


Any ideas?

Mar 10, 15 10:06 pm

Marlon Blackwell's St Nicholas Church:

Mar 10, 15 11:01 pm

Peter Zumthor's De Meelfabriek, currently under construction:

Mar 10, 15 11:04 pm

Adaptive reuse, loft, industrial buildings converted


It is sometimes difficult to find examples where this drastically impacts the design as steel framed buildings are often pragmatic and standardized for ease of construction and economy, but the trend of loft conversions often leaves steel and beams and occasionally industrial equipment exposed as built in artifacts when a building is renovated.


Over and OUT

Peter N

Mar 11, 15 11:38 am

Also that art museum in Paris that used to be a train station, I can't think of the name.

Mar 11, 15 11:48 am

Musee d'Orsay

Mar 11, 15 12:01 pm

The High Line:

Mar 11, 15 12:17 pm

That was a former distribution warehouse. They tore town about 1/3  of the building for parking, used the existing structure and gave it a new face. Not the most exciting of projects, but it's much better than a Class S warehouse that was vacant for a decade.

Mar 11, 15 6:04 pm

One fairly recent project that comes to mind is the re-use of an industrial glass furnace building at Corning as the location of their new hot glass theater adjacent to the new contemporary gallery built by Thomas Phifer

I couldn't figure out how to link the steel frame photos from flickr but there are a bunch here.

Here is a before

and almost done shot. Its the black building to the right.

Mar 11, 15 10:25 pm

Here is a nice drawing they did as well.

Mar 11, 15 10:37 pm

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