Architecture that aims to bring people together or solve cultural and/or ethnic conflicts

I am interested in doing some precedent studies for my thesis and am interested in finding architecture or urban projects which aim to unite people, bring people together or resolve clashes and/or conflicts among various ethnic groups or cultures. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys

Oct 19, 14 12:07 pm

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There is a recently built church/mosque/synogogue. Can't remember the name or location. You could take a look at that.
Oct 19, 14 12:22 pm

Part of your research should include the term architectural determinism.

Oct 19, 14 1:18 pm

At the moment I am looking at critiquing the reconstruction of Beirut.

The church/mosque you referred seems to be in Berlin. I will look at that. Thanks

Architectural Determinism, I am surprised that this is new to my architecture vocabulary considering how parallel it is to my research, 

Oct 19, 14 4:45 pm
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I don't know about solving cultural/ethnic conflicts, but I came across this project recently:

OMA + OLIN to bridge washington DC with city's first elevated park

Supposedly the project connects the Capital Hill neighborhood to Anacostia, a poorer historically black neighborhood that's just starting to experience some gentrification.  Looks like a good example of reusing outdated infrastructure to reconnect historically divided neighborhoods. 

Oct 20, 14 12:43 pm

I will look into that man. Appreciate it

Oct 24, 14 1:50 pm

Hey Shikar

I am also doing research in the exact field....architecture that confronts and converges cultural you mind sharing whatever you have found?

Nov 15, 14 5:23 am

Hey guys,

I am new to this forum but my google search directed me here and I am also tackling the same subject matter for my thesis this year: Architecture that increases awarenessof the likeness of humanity to diminish societal and cultural conflicts. it looks like your inquiries were in 2014, has your research uncovered some good references or precedents? 

Thank you!


Oct 9, 16 3:17 pm

Hi guys,

Same as Kaz, i was hoping if you could please share any information you can about what you've found. It would be much appreciated.

Thanks! xx

Nov 17, 16 9:10 pm
keerthana Elchuri


I am also working on similar lines. it would be great if you guys could share the information.

Thank you.

Feb 13, 17 1:10 pm

Sorry to be a dick but maybe just use the contact button instead and ask those particular posters directly for their "thesis". Because all you lazy students do is ask for other people's work or for other people to do your work for you, go to the fucking library or google the damn issue for more than 5 minutes and make your own bloody "thesis". So many people make an account here, dump their question and that's all. You ask for people to share but nothing's ever shared back on here, so a couple of months later, when the new semesters starts, your colleagues from the same university probably (because the questions are always somehow identical) come here and ask for the same bloody things to be handed to them on a golden platter, that's just not how it works.

Thank you. xoxo

Feb 13, 17 4:22 pm
keerthana Elchuri

Well, If you want to take out your frustration then may be you should try somewhere else. This is just not the place. 

Feb 16, 17 8:54 pm

Well, If you want people to do your homework then may be you should try somewhere else. This is just not the place :)

On Twitter yesterday I saw this, tweeted by @bldgllc: 

Architecture can't force people to connect, it can only...remove barriers & make the meeting places useful & attractive. -Denise Scott Brown

Feb 16, 17 10:23 pm

The opposite is also true, that most all architecture brings people together.


Op, any chance you're running for Miss universe too? Hit me up if you

Feb 17, 17 12:17 am


Feb 17, 17 12:15 pm

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