Looking for reading suggestions


Hoping you can point me to books/essays which explore links between participatory-design/performance and political and ecological engagement in architecture and urbanism

Specifically within context of counter/sub-cultural movements of 1960s/70s.

Thinking of groups like Ant Farm, SuperStudio (and although not specifically architects) Drop City artists' commune, et al.

Closest i could seem to find was some works by Simon Sadler out of UC Davis...

Sep 4, 14 11:57 am
Non Sequitur

Nam, perhaps you may find this interesting:

Mathews, Stanley:  From Agit-Prop to Free Space: The Architecture of Cedric Price

Sep 4, 14 1:36 pm

Bukmeister fuller

Sep 4, 14 1:56 pm

thanks guys...

Sep 4, 14 2:01 pm
boy in a well

Felicity Scott's book, what is it? Arch or techno-utopia? spends a chunk of time on ant farm.

Sep 4, 14 4:10 pm

design for ecological democracy - hester

Sep 4, 14 4:14 pm

oops - misread your request - good book, anyway...

Sep 4, 14 5:05 pm

Some links re:  groups like Ant Farm, SuperStudio (and although not specifically architects referenced within architecture discourse a bit) and the Drop City artists' commune.

One particular thing that caught my eye from above google books link is the idea that architecture of this period was influenced by "Whole Earth Worry" (a la Stewart Brand and Whole Earth catalog) which led to an interest in autonomy from the grid as a result of a new ecological consciousness.


The one architect/academic i found who has focused on this topic quite a bit is Simon Sadler out of UC Davis...


For a more contemporary look at these ideas applied to Burning Man, Coachella etc... see

Sep 10, 14 10:02 am

A related post from News section re: the Walker Art Centers new exhibit 'Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia'

Nov 11, 15 11:36 pm

 maybe...Spontaneous Shelter: International Perspectives and Prospects by Carl Patton

Nov 12, 15 10:00 am

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