Archinect Hall of Fame!

There has been recent talk of this. Anyone can nominate any member, and others can vote for any member one time. I will tally the votes, which are obviously open for review from all of you. Whoever has the most votes after a week of voting (August 8th) will be the first inductee to the Archinect Forum Hall of Fame! Happy voting!
Aug 1, 14 7:47 pm

t a m m u z

Aug 1, 14 8:38 pm


Aug 1, 14 9:38 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

I vote Quondam

Aug 1, 14 9:57 pm

you spelled my name wrong.

i nominate CD.Arch

i vote for donna.

Aug 1, 14 11:01 pm
I nominate Non Sequitur and Olaf. I vote for Curtkram.
Aug 1, 14 11:25 pm
It is a legitimate thread, to be taken seriously. Everyone else is, it seems. Non Sequitur and I have had our differences yet I nominated him. I respect his opinions. It's all a matter of how mature we want to be.
Aug 1, 14 11:44 pm

How can you choose?

I nominate steven ward, nam henderson, and archanonymous

second jlax and quondom

My favorite archinect'rs thread from the past

Aug 2, 14 7:47 am
Non Sequitur

Thanks for the vote of confidence Cd.Arch, I'll return you the favour and throw your name in the hat. I also second Donna and that one hit-wonder guy who started the "traditional architecture debate" thread 3-4 months back that generated 1000+ replies in a few days.

Aug 2, 14 8:26 am
Roark’s Revenge

I’d like to nominate myself .....for this post under the thread “What constitutes Entry Level” ( in Architecture ). 


Roark’s Revenge


Aug 18, 2010 1:01 pm





Top of class in kindergarten crayon colouring contest

IVY league first class honours degree from each of the top 8 universities 

Masters degrees in Construction project management , Finance , Real Estate Development , Sustainable Energy and the 3 Engineering disciplines

PHD in Arch Theory ( the application of cognitive conjective disassociation of linear flow in the 4 dimensional urban spatial matrix ) 

Executive MBA

Passed the Bar exam ( just to be on the safe side when dealing with Clients attorneys )

50 years experience 

Proficient in every CAD and computer package ever invented or yet to be invented ( includes all weekly software upgrades )

Ability to go without sleep for 14 days

Low enough self esteem to render one mute in the presence of the STARCHITECT

Looks good in black. 

Ability to tie the bosses dickibow in a kneeling position

Applicants under 25 whose hair is already grey or completely gone , will be given special consideration

high tolerance for caffeine and glue fumes

Index finger must be able to withstand 50,000 repetitive clicking motions per week

Ability to manage multibillionaire clients expectations 

Cheerful Enthusiastic disposition - ability to suppress anger and frustration

Salary and benefits as follows:

1 toilet visit per day allowed restricted to 3 minutes

opportunity to slowly destroy your eyesight and back posture over a period of 2 decades

As this is a junior intern position - we ask that you pay us 10,000$ per annum for the use of our office tea station and toilet facilities.

A further 5000$ per annum may be requested for the first 10 years of employment as a gratuity to go toward the Principals Health Insurance and Porsche fund -please note: the successful applicant must complete the mandatory 4 week intensive obstacle course modelled on US Army techniques in order to be eligible for this.

a stipend of 1 banana per week will be considered to the shortlisted applicants who after completing the obstacle course emerge victorious from the final 'Battle Royale' stage of the application process - where the remaining applicants must fight each other to the death using t-squares and scalpel blades in an enclosed cage in front of a rabid audience of Realtors , Contractors , Lawyers and City Officials

Aug 2, 14 8:59 am

^  This compensation package looks excessively generous.  If they drank their own urine they wouldn't need toilet breaks and a tea station.  We already know architects can eat their own s***.  This is the architectural profession we're talking about, after all!!

Aug 2, 14 12:38 pm
I was hoping that this would be more of a community thing, but instead only the regulars are showing up. Disappointing.
Aug 2, 14 5:47 pm
I'm gonna toss in another vote for abra. By the way, I haven't been here long enough, what happened to him? And does anyone else know if Miles left?
Aug 3, 14 1:55 am




Liberty Bell/Donna


Vado Retro

Steven Ward

namand henderson



or many other people I'm forgetting from back in the day.

Aug 3, 14 9:49 pm

no mention of Per?  there was even a T-shirt.

Aug 4, 14 9:34 am

Oh lars, that is such an old school list. We're (including you) all already in the Hall of Legends; we need to let  the newer people become Hall of Famers.


I nominate Stephanie Braconnier (sp?).  And jla-x, archanonymous (sp?), and tammuz.

Aug 4, 14 10:11 am

I'll nominate geezertect

Aug 4, 14 10:56 am

...and Rusty! of course, but he's rarely around anymore.

And ThayerD, even though I disagree with him a lot (A LOT!) does a good job of furthering discussion.

Aug 4, 14 11:03 am


After all these years, allow me to ask who you think belong in the Hall of Fame ?

Anyway, some of you proberly wonder what Per Corell are doing now;

Opposite most others, I use Pinterest only for my own works;

If you want a great Streetart piece or Barok Nymph as Mural on your white walls, it is all explained here ;

Stencils for Decor Wallpaintings, --- again an innovative aproach, wouldn't you say ?

Aug 4, 14 1:14 pm

Hi Per! You definitely belong in the Hall of Legends.

Aug 4, 14 1:38 pm

Eh, Legends are better than Fame ?

Aug 4, 14 2:09 pm

Yes.  Legend = longevity.  Perhaps we should rename it the 3DH Pavilion of Legends?

Aug 4, 14 2:41 pm
"Legends never die" Babe Ruth in the Sandlot. Yes. Legends = longevity.
Aug 4, 14 5:00 pm
You are using longevity of life. We are speaking of longevity such as they will be known for a long time.
Aug 4, 14 7:01 pm

@Donna this line "3DH Pavilion of Legends?" - we should start a Kickstarter!

finally re: that link from tint, i haven't seen some of those names in years...

Aug 4, 14 7:40 pm

and finally we have reached the time of the (soon-to-be annual?) Archinect Poster Award of Excellence!

Aug 5, 14 12:50 am

Hi guys!  I just came on here to say hi and see if I qualify.  Also to check my post count, LOL.

Aug 5, 14 1:12 am

And *I* came on here to nominate Donna, and Steven Ward, and Orhan, and larslarson, and architechnophilia, and nam, and AP, and Vado, and sevensixfive, and Susan, and mdler, and Melty, and OF COURSE Per Corell, and everyone else already mentioned, but it looks like you guys already took care of that.  Apologies to anyone I've forgotten, it really has been too long.

Can we erect a full size statue of the Garwondler in the 3DH Pavilion of Legends?  (Which is really the only thing that we can call it, now that it's been said)

Aug 5, 14 1:22 am
The 3DH Pavilion of Legends exists already, somewhere around page 4,278 of Hi All You Fancy Graphic Lovers. No need to revisit it. Let's focus on the under-construction Hall of Fame. I nominate Richard Boelkins, too.
Aug 5, 14 6:21 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Although I have already voted I have to agree on Richard Balkins nomination, they are already making movies about this phenom.

Aug 5, 14 6:41 am

Right, Balkins.  Sorry for misspelling, Richard.

Aug 5, 14 8:44 am

Nominations should be made in specific categories, so this discussion should start by defining those. The Oscars are by film type, job description and special achievement. Sport HoF nominees are generally by career stats.

Once the categories are set, we could have a nomination thread for each one. Of course all nominations would have to be seconded. Then we could vote, probably with an off-site poll since Archinect doesn't have that capability, and have the results announced on some momentous date, like the same day the Pritzker is announced.

Aug 5, 14 9:18 am

All I really care about right now is the results of the DEAD Prize. Created by one of the earliest now-Legends of Archinect, Cameron Sinclair.

Aug 5, 14 9:26 am

Sorry to interupt, but to save you the time looking thru 4,278 pages of "Hi All You Fancy Graphic Lovers". I think this is what you are thinking off ; 

Aug 5, 14 9:32 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Donna where is that thread where Cameron and some other poster are swearing at each other in typical Archinect fashion?

Aug 5, 14 6:49 pm
It seems that there is an 8 way tie!
The nominees, all with two votes after being nominated are;
•Donna Sink
•Steven Ward
•Nam Henderson

Now let's get voting again! Since all are already nominated, just cast a vote for any ONE nominee ONE time. Thank you all!
Aug 8, 14 1:03 pm
I forgot to include, voting will end in one day (August 9th)
Aug 8, 14 1:36 pm

Shit, no one thought of me, I'm disheartened. But I digress.

I vote


2.abracadabra (a very close second)

3. vado retro

4. Miles Jaffe


Tammuz I love you but you are just too wordy...

Aug 10, 14 2:35 am
I'm honored to have been listed, but Donna, vado, and abra/Orhan are the core, the triumvirate. Yep.
Aug 10, 14 10:32 am

I nominate surixurient.

He posted ONE topic and made 217 comments in it. That's definitely Hall of Fame material.

Aug 10, 14 11:21 am
Non Sequitur

That's the name I was looking for Miles. Suri was great fun.

Aug 10, 14 11:30 am
vado retro

creating a thread and nominating members to an "archinect hall of fame" with only 131 comments is akin to a little league right fielder nominating players to cooperstown. please try again after, say three thousand posts and we'll talk.

Aug 10, 14 1:44 pm

Dang, I only have 2871 posts (2872 after this one.). Does that mean I have to wait another 128 posts before I can place a nomination?

Among other categories there would be some based solely on stats, which would not require voting at all - just some number simple crunching:

  • most lifetime posts (by membership date)
  • most posts in shortest time
  • most posts in a single thread
  • fewest lifetime posts
  • most threads started
  • highest thread to post ratio
  • etc.
Aug 10, 14 5:43 pm
vado retro

you're slacking off Miles. Time for some PED's to extend your career.

Aug 10, 14 6:10 pm

I haven't been here very long, so I appreciate the nominations. Give it 4 more years of soul-sucking afternoons in an office and maybe my post count will reach the "Legends"


I really appreciate Donna's contributions, and Steven Ward, your posts always bring a measured, mature perspective to the discussion.

Miles, I nominate you for brusqueness. As a good thing. 





Aug 10, 14 6:32 pm
Vado, I was the one that took the initiative to start this thread, I don't see how that is undeserving to be here. It was simply an idea because I had read something about perhaps starting the hall of fame so I figure I'd give it a try. But thanks for your input anyways.
Aug 10, 14 6:45 pm
Vado's mostly famous for his endearing curmudgeonliness. And his songs.
Aug 10, 14 7:20 pm

you know, i got to meet Donna in person this year, and even share a cab ride out to reagan national with her. that's worth more than any old hall of fame...

Aug 10, 14 8:21 pm

Wow. Can't believe I made the list. I'd like to add: Architechnophillia Nam Henderson Orhan Liberty Bell Treekiller Betadinesutures Vado Retro there are others but unfortunately I can't remember their screen names

Aug 12, 14 8:40 pm
Since I never finished this because of few posts after the ties, I think it's clear that Donna wins, she's obviously the local favorite. Congrats Donna Sink! You are the first official inductee to the Archinect Hall of Fame as well as the Hall of Legends!
Aug 13, 14 12:12 am

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