Need advice for Green Tier 1 in Los Angeles (residential)


I've done mandatory green requirements for residential projects.

But for Tier 1, I had only one experience 4 years ago. Right, It is long time ago.

Also, at that time I was almost done with Green Corrections, but for some reason this project was stopped. Well...I have only 0.8 experience of tier 1~

so my questions are...

1. someone recommends to reduce the building instead of getting Green Tier 1.

Green tier 1 is for additional 20% sq.ft.

I am adding up 2200 s.f.(20%) on the top of max RFA 11,000. It is a development project located on the top of the hill in Brentwood. Would it be worth getting tier 1 when considering the time/ effort  and its value?

2. This building will be all concrete structure which is accessible from rooftop level as parking area. As part of the tier 1 requirement, I wonder if the concrete rooftop (parking) can be considered as "cool roof"  To do so, how should I detail out the rooftop finish?

3. And...any additional comments, warning or recommendation for Tier 1?


Thank you all

Jul 24, 14 6:46 pm

Pretty much all exposed concrete has an SRI of over 29 and should comply with the cool roof requirements.

Jul 24, 14 7:51 pm

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