A discussion about vinyl flooring (no fun or jokes!)

St. George's Fields

I'm partial to the texture of Johnsonite vinyl flooring but I feel that the color options can be a little bit of a let down. I do like the standard gray used en masse. The spekling and flecking in it can be quite an attractive option though.

Does anyone have any experience with their Roundel rubber flooring? Any other avenues to explore?

In addition, has anyone else noticed that the pricing of high-end vinyl flooring is really no long cost competitive to permeable floors (wood, stone) and non-permeable options (highly finished concrete, terrazzo)?

Feb 20, 11 10:21 pm

I really like the black vinyl-sheet flooring which is studded with flat-head screws/nails, and is common in NYC elevators. Is this a commercially available product?

Feb 21, 11 2:23 pm  · 

Well -- no fun or jokes, anyway . . .

Feb 26, 11 12:15 am  · 

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