Kana Arhitekti

Kana Arhitekti

Belgrade, Serbia | Nova Pazova, Serbia | Przno, Montenegro


New Belgrade Block 42

Kana arhitekti“ received an Honorable mention in the International competition for urban and architectural design for the bus and railway station and business/retail development in block 42, New Belgrade, Serbia.

As part of the competition, Kana Arhitekti created a master plan and a design project for a new transport station in New Belgrade. Kana Arhitekti’s work was done in collaboration with visualization studio „Edit”, modeler A.Kotevski and consultants from Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade and Faculty of transport planning, University of Novi Sad.

 Our proposal is based on the idea of creating an Intermodal transportation system by designing a terminal which would combine rail, bus and metro traffic in the single hub. At the same time, this terminal will present a new landmark of New Belgrade. The project emphasizes the creation  of urban scenes which would initiate the regeneration the public life of New Belgrade by providing human scale spaces for local residents. Public buildings, with their form, color and volume create a background for public activities and various forms of events.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Belgrade, CS
My Role: Project Leader
Additional Credits: Ljilja Brajkovic, Marina Ilic, Aleksandra Djordjevic, Nevena Balalic, Bojana Popovic, Igor Kozic and Uros Nesic (EDIT studio), Ksenija lalovic, Zoran Papic, Aleksandar Kotevski