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Kana Arhitekti

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Hotel in Ulcinj

In this project Ulcinj is being treated as a town with rich history. Thanks to its position, mild climate and relief, through history, it was an important trading center and port. Also, it is a town with great tradition in tourism and natural potentials that make it attractive for tourists and further development. Multicultural and open, it easily became one of the most popular tourist destinations.
Potentials of the location and their promotion were leading points in concept development that was focused on their best exploitation, which was both a challenge and a great responsibility. Layering tradition, ambient, potentials of Ulcinj into physical model, creating a “city on the rocks” facing the sea- communicating with it. Hotel has direct link to the sea, while service areas are placed behind it, giving it vitality- a pulse in the rhythm of its surroundings, of context.

Year 2011

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Ulcinj, Montenegro