Kana Arhitekti

Kana Arhitekti

Belgrade, Serbia | Nova Pazova, Serbia | Przno, Montenegro


Belgorod Block3

The goal of the project „block3“ , is to create architecture that provides high-quality space for living within a modular grid. This concept tends to combine  the qualities of the Designer City and developmental possibilities of mass production. Practically, it represents a standardized grid, witch is fill by standardized modules 18m by 18m.
These modules, and their combinations, are leaving us a maximum of freedom for the content. The basic module  is designed as a unit (staircase with the apartments it serves) with flexibility to host other functions (parking, office space, storage...). Its flexibility allows it to adapt to any conditions of the location or function. It can be used as a connecting element which creates a strong front on the street,  or as an element that connects the base units on upper floors with the aim of increasing the density of housing.
The Belgorod „block3“, was designed as a platform for the creation of cohousing communities. This approach of the urban planing, compared to the conventional approach, provides far better space for living and working. This design approach allows us,  to increase the social interactions, to stimulate the formation of active communities that base their organisation on their common interest and ultimately create safer  space  for young social groups.
The principles of passive sustainable design were applied in the form of massing, orientation, insulation, materials and shading. Finally, the facade is design as a symbolic reminder of the fortress that was there. Exterior facade is darker, defensive character is manifested, while within the block facade is yellow. Depending on the weather conditions or content, facade panels can move and create different ambiance or maintaining a uniform overall appearance.



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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Belgorod, RU
Additional Credits: Honorable mention