Kana Arhitekti

Kana Arhitekti

Belgrade, Serbia | Nova Pazova, Serbia | Przno, Montenegro


Hotel in Montenegro

Primary aspect of context for this project is the sea shore and, at the same time, its greatest potential. Surrounding of location, in terms of built structure, has no strong character or intensity that would in any way serve as  inspiration, or starting point in concept development for this project.
Main goal of this project was not to create a resort type of hotel but rather a new town square, a vibrant part of this sleepy city. This approach significantly upgraded quality of urbanism both on micro and macro location, creating a city center this small town needs.

New urban center was formed on following criteria:
orientation toward the sea, visual and physical communication with it
physical association with traditional Mediterranean town- narrow streets, viewpoints, introvert town squares, terrace (sloped) descend toward the sea.

Year 2013

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Baosici, CS
Additional Credits: Honorable mention