New York, NY


One-Bedroom Apartment in Flatiron

EDA's goal and challenge for this project was to transform a one-bedroom, traditional NYC apartment into an ample space, making it feel larger without adding square footage. In order to do so, a total gut renovation took place, eliminating all the existing finishes and superfluous elements, thus creating a tabula rasa for the new living space. Part of the crown molding is maintained in order to keep a recollection of the historical connection with the building. The space is clearly divided by two major elements: a single wall, separating the living area from the bedroom, is characterized by a floor-to-ceiling sliding door that enables the space to be flexible; the bathroom block, kept shorter then the ceiling level, is treated as a separate object inside the main space, contrasting in color and height with the rest of the living area. Finally, the use of minimal details combined with the use of carefully selected raw natural materials - most of them recycled - help define a modern living space integrated within the historical context of the Flatiron District.

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Status: Built
Location: 28 e 21st street, new york, ny
My Role: Architect