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Salaam Bombay

Located in New York City’s trendy Tribeca neighborhood, Salaam Bombay is a 4,200 sq.ft., two-story Indian Cuisine restaurant.  The overall concept is to provide an authentic traditional feel expressed through contemporary design. Although each level of the restaurant has different programmatic requirements, both share a common palette of earth-tone colors, materials and textures.

The restaurant’s ground level is designed to reflect the diverse cultures within Bombay, India.  This is primarily achieved by creating multiple dining areas that are adjacent and open to one another:  a main dining space, private banquet lounges, and a semi-private dining room.  Each of these areas is given a distinctive identity through the use of different materials, colors, and custom-built display cases for traditional Indian artifacts.

At the lower level, the program calls for a dance floor as well as private party dining capabilities.  For this level, Indian dance and movement act as the underlying design concept.  In addition to specific materials and lighting levels, a feature media wall and media screens are the focal points of the lower level; the screens not only display dance and choreography images but are installed in a configuration that emphasizes movement.

Overall, the design as well as the variety of spaces offers a unique and dynamic dining experience to all patrons.

Construction was completed in 2009.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US