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Celadon:  This brown-field reclamation site is a proposed 30 acre mixed use, sustainable waterfront community with one of the highest degrees of accessibility in the northern New Jersey area.

Located less than 2 miles from Newark Liberty International Airport on the Newark Bay in the City of Elizabeth, this development is conceived as a high rise “airport city” providing commercial, residential and hotel accommodations for NJ residents that work within the region or commute to NYC, and the international business traveling community.  Celadon is also highly anticipated due to its unique application of smart growth and sustainable development principles that will provide significant municipal and regional economic impacts.

This development benefits from a waterfront location that will feature expansive views and a ferry landing providing direct access to lower Manhattan in approximately 25 minutes.  Working with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and other local agencies, the design team has come up with solutions that maintain view corridors to the Newark Bay as well as protection for the adjacent wetlands.  Waterfront parks will include passive recreational areas and offer facilities for activities such as kayaking and fishing.

The U.S. Green Buildings Council has accepted this proposed development into its pilot program for LEED-ND (Neighborhood Development).  With the project essentially creating a new neighborhood locale within the existing city, a charter school with modern IT facilities is anticipated to be part of its master plan.  Its progressive focus on environmental studies will thus redefine models for educational facilities of the 21st century.

Site Plan approval was granted by the City of Elizabeth in December of 2007.

Celadon Design Objectives:

• Utilize best practices in employing sustainable design and development (Green Roofs, Grey and Brown Water Recycling; and Solar/Wind /Geothermal energy) to obtain LEED certified designation or equivalent.

• Encourage a lively, diverse, urbane, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that celebrates a restored waterfront, attracts mass transit riders, reduces reliance on the automobile and is environmentally sustainable.

• Create a mix of residential, retail, office, educational and hospitality uses on Newark Bay capitalizing on waterfront vistas while providing public access corridors.

• Create a new neighborhood within the city by encouraging dense mixed-use development where justified by existing and planned transportation infrastructure.

• Increase the city's tax ratable by enhancing the economic engine at Newark Airport and serving as the airport's "Downtown" and its waterborne connection to Manhattan.

Celadon is zoned in Elizabeth to accommodate 4,291 residential units, 1,000,000 square feet of office, 325,000 square feet of retail, 1200 hotel rooms and a charter school.  Direct ferry service to Manhattan is projected to commence in 2008.

Celadon is located less than a mile from the New Jersey Turnpike (exit 13A) and adjoins the fully leased 1.3 million square foot Jersey Gardens Mall, which demonstrates established retail demand and strong sales potential.  Designed as a transportation node, Celadon offers a short walk to its ferry terminal and a two mile shuttle ride to Newark Liberty Airport.  Northern New Jersey is historically a heavily underserved residential rental market and the Project's residential income potential can be readily discerned.

Site Plan by Vijay Kale Architecs P.C, Metropolitan United Studio PLLC, Langan Engineering, and TILL LLC.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Elizabeth, NJ, US