Metropolitan United Studio, PLLC

Metropolitan United Studio, PLLC

New York, NY


French Nails

French Nails is a salon located at 1100 Adams Street in Hoboken, New Jersey.  MUS served as the Interior Designer for this space.  The salon is at the corner of the lot, located on the ground level of a residential complex.  Small in square footage, the challenge was to fit the program within the space efficiently.  To enhance and maximize the use of the space, bright color palettes and materials were used to create an atmosphere of simplicity and serenity.  An accent wall in the center of the space utilizes Bamboo, as it climbs up the entire height of the wall and seamlessly connects to the ceiling.  Frosted glass is used to provide the user with a more open, airy atmosphere.

French Nails was completed on July 28, 2008.

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Status: Built
Location: Hoboken, NJ, US