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Cella Medical Clinic

Cella:  The client’s request was that the clinic design reflects its specialty, “personalized cell therapy”- a newly developed technology of transplanting skin cells enriched from adult cell therapy.  We approached the design of the clinic holistically, much like the way a physician would treat a patient’s body as a whole.  Thus, the overall design is a fluid expression of the human cell and its connective systems. Layers of undulating curves throughout the physically engaging space suggest the systemic formation and reparation of cells. Perforations in the main floating ceiling are an additional expression of a cell’s numerous characteristics.

The clinic is divided into three main areas: reception area, offices, and surgery rooms.  Simultaneously, these spaces are unified by the perforated floating ceiling as well as by the use of materials.  A custom-designed multi-functional lighting-shelving-shading device further unifies the interior space but also acts as a link to the exterior streetscape through the use of LED lights.  This visual expression is most prominent at night and especially to pedestrians.

Identity and branding concepts were provided in conjunction with the design of the space.  Items such as the clinic’s logo, typeface and main color scheme (pink and sky blue) were designed and then translated into different components of the clinic such as lighting and other building features.

Through various design elements, including the exterior signage and lighting, the organic pattern of the cells and the therapeutic function of the clinic are expressed on both the exterior and interior of the space.

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Status: Built
Location: Seoul, KR