Snow Kreilich Architects

Snow Kreilich Architects

Minneapolis, MN


Weekend House

The weekend house is reduced to a few essential elements. The main house and a small studio sit on a black platform. The two black volumes create a frame for the water of Lake Superior as it extends toward the distant horizon. All of the activities of the house relate directly to the infinite spatial presence of the lake. A long simple white table runs parallel to the lake. A narrow vertical tower encloses the fireplace. A row of cabinets along the north wall conceals the complexities of daily life: books, linen, pantry, laundry, jackets, tools, books and music. 

Concealed by trees in the summer, the black boxes slip into the winter landscape of black tree trunks. The cladding and minimal exterior detailing emphasize the purity of the simple black boxes framing the black terrace. Exterior walls and glass doors stand outside the structural frame, supported by steel angles. Glass walls extend above the ceiling and below the floor, maximizing transparency to the surrounding landscape. The house provides a serene connection to a beautiful, rugged landscape. The presence of the landscape accompanies every activity in the house, a bit like camping, only comfortable.

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Status: Built
Location: Schroeder, MN, US