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US Land Port of Entry - Van Buren, Maine

The Van Buren Land Port of Entry is a Design and Construction Excellence project designed by Snow Kreilich Architects, being delivered through a Bridging Design Build process to meet its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act contracting deadline. All of this required that the project complete all the necessary GSA Design and Construction Excellence reviews and tenant agency reviews to commit the funds to design build teams by the end of June 2010. The design provides secure officer work spaces, hard secure areas, inspections garages as well as interior public space, all designed for 24 hour operations. Much of the public space of the port, however, is on the exterior, experienced primarily from the vehicle. The site is located between Van Buren’s Main Street and the St. John River, making the port a significant town landmark.

“I have often thought how lucky we were that Snow Kreilich Architects was on our team, because they understood the complexities of the project, the need for quick decisions and the need to maintain engagement of the whole team.  They are designers who understand both the pragmatic and the poetic, and who manage to achieve both with great skill.” 
— Gianne Conard, GSA Region 1 Chief Architect

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Status: Built
Location: Van Buren, Maine