Snow Kreilich Architects

Snow Kreilich Architects

Minneapolis, MN


Lake Minnetonka Retreat Home

Just twenty miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lake Minnetonka historically provided relief from hot city summers. Early homes on the lake were seasonal and modest, but over time, year-round residences and large estates now dominate the lakeshore. This family retreat returns the site to its original use as a retreat from the daily routines of the city, privately embedding family life on the lake.

Nestled into a wooded site on Lake Minnetonka, the design uses pure geometric forms to shape experience inside and out of the house. Two interlocking volumes one clad in dark cedar, the other in clear cedar, form a portal to the lake view on approach, frame the outdoor living area, and create a dramatic two story entry volume holding a dark steel staircase. The long volume of shared family spaces creates a telescopic view to the lake and gives out on the long side to the outdoor pool and terrace.

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Status: Built
Location: Minnetonka, MN, US