Snow Kreilich Architects

Snow Kreilich Architects

Minneapolis, MN


CHS Field

CHS Field forms a transition from St. Paul’s vibrant Lowertown Arts District of 19th century warehouses into the natural amenities of riverfront parks and trails. With just 7,000 seats, the ballpark is conceived first as a park, a green space in the city. The seating bowl and playing field are located below street level, allowing for a vibrant street level walkway all around the field. The suites, club and pressbox hover above the concourse in a light steel frame pavilion with a warm wood canopy. Concourse amenities are pushed back, carving into the hillside. 

The enclosed spaces of the ballpark are intentionally minimized in order to allow a connection to the Lowertown neighborhood, the city skyline and to the river from within the park. The design strategy is evocative of the district’s steel fire escapes as light and porous counterpoints to the weight and massing of the surrounding warehouses. 

The ballpark is the home of the Saint Paul Saints, a leader in reinventing sports entertainment. The Saints are known for their off the wall, creative, maverick, and irreverent humor emanating from their mantra, “Fun is Good” and their owners, Mike Veeck and Bill Murray.  

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Status: Built