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LYCS Making KINCANG Egrets Waves Sales Center “Fly” within 100 Days

“Originality”, “High-Quality” and “Speediness” have always constituted the “Impossible Trinity” of all creative work, according to which, design is doubtlessly not exceptional.  Along with the real estate having already developed into the new capital-oriented era of “high turnover”, the pace in real estate design has peaked. Therefore, nowadays all the designers have been confronted with the unprecedented dilemma that how they are able to simultaneously maximize the degree of innovation and completion of the project under the ultimate pressure of “speediness”. What really matters is to fully engage with making the best integrative decision in order to reach the state of perfection as far as possible.

LYCS Architecture has successfully demonstrated its own specific solution which is exemplified in the KINCANG Egrets Waves Sales Center. It has been recently completed and opened to the public after only 3-month speedy design and construction. LYCS Architecture is fully in charge of the design of architecture, interior work and furnishing.

01Newborn Egrets Flying Vigorously above Clouds And Waves

KINCANG Egrets Waves Residential Project is the significant crystallization of LYCS Architecture’s wholly new exploration into the issues of the high-density city and the residential space. The project is inspired directly by the fluttering egrets above the Xiaoshao Canal. The streamlined modeling language is adopted as a whole, just like the egrets flying carefreely above clouds and waves.

Following the overall planning of the KINCANG Egrets Waves, Sales Center adopts the creative idea of “Newborn Egrets Flying Vigorously”. The horizontal overhanging eaves and the entrance canopy jointly form a pure and powerful line, whose posture gives the great impression of taking-off and brings about the tenacious strength, the incredible artistry and the noble spirit to this building.

The facade of the building adopts the large-scale floor-to-ceiling glass particularly, which directly faces the street outwards to meet the exhibition function of the Sales Center and highlight its accommodating attitude. The design also contributes to embracing the water feature inwards to create a beautiful hidden new world. 

02 Appearance and Essence of Classical Aesthetics

The soft curve and the slow arc chamfer are integrated with each other, passivating the hard building body and stretching the whole architectural form effectively. Whereas it also increases the difficulty of construction and expands the estimated time limit. Therefore, it naturally comes out the big problem of how to complete the project as soon as possible while keeping the streamline shape to the utmost extent?

1 Symmetrical Layout

Beneath the modern and fluid appearance of the Sales Center, there is a classical symmetrical composition. But LYCS Architecture is ingenious in reinterpreting the classical aesthetics by adopting a lightsome approach that eliminates the mechanical rigor of symmetry. At the same time, with the great help of the symmetrical design, the number of the non-standard components has remarkably dropped down, which contributes remarkably to making the construction both easier and faster.

2 Layered Curve

The great difficulty of streamlined eaves originates from the hyperboloid of canopies. For this reason, by simplifying the segmentation, the designers subtly transform the hyperboloid into a single-curved surface and reduce the 3D to the 2D, which diminishes the difficulty in construction and reveals the impressive beauty of the multi-layered wings at the same time. 

In addition, the aluminum plates were rolled, bent and prefabricated in the factory, and then transported to the construction site for welding and assembling, which minimizes the man-made influence and thus ensues the construction accuracy to the greatest extent. 

03 Harmonic Resonance and Egrets Back Home

Significantly different from the coordination mode of relay race above, the interior work team and the furnishing team had both already intervened in advance when the Sales Center was still in the conceptual stage. They dropped the baton and sprinted hand in hand with all the professionals on the extension line of construction.

The architectural layout of the Sales Center adopts a symmetrical design in a rather flexible way. It places the sand table area as the center, and connects its main entrance with the entrance of the park alongside the short axis, which creates the open and fluid spatial effects wonderfully. Meanwhile, the negotiation area and the water bar are connected along the long axis, making the space transform from the dynamic state into the static state. In this way, the space tends to be both stable and private.

Designers have lowered the space of the lobby appropriately, which serves as the prelude to the main hall, and used the white portal as interior spatial separation to create a frame scene in the intermittent rise and fall of the space. Two egret statues, which resonate mutually, are arranged by the furnishing team at the both sides of the lobby respectively, and thus serve as the spatial foreshadowing effectively and naturally.

The lobby is directly linked to the central exhibition hall which is two-storey high and constructed with the staggered transformation of height for the effect of the surprising broad vision. With the sand table as the core, the rectangle with rounded corners ripples out the high school courtyard. The linear light strips are laminated and adducted. They float upward and then are arranged into the film ceiling lights. The space is orderly vertical and horizontal, and the geometric elements are interactive and unified, and the diffuse light creates a warming and comfortable atmosphere. 

Above the sand table in the atrium, there are more than 200 “egrets” flying in the “blue and clear sky” and resonating with each other, which represents the wonderful implication of “returning home”.

The spiral staircase on the side of the sand table area serves as a significant visual element. It guides the moving line from the main hall to the negotiation area, enriches the spatial level in the echo between twisting and intermittent, and promotes the spatial layer in the interlace of bronze color and white color.

The white leather seats, which is designed by Tossconova, create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, which is accompanied and decorated elaborately with the light and elegant linear elements such as “egret feet” legs and “tree branch” lamps. The booth of the deep negotiation area and the water bar are arranged elaborately around the leisure area. The booth adopts the wired-glass sliding door, making privacy and transparency reach the perfect balance. 

The deep negotiation area is interwoven with colors delicately: the main color of the booth is white gold, supplemented by the orange table furnishes, and the grey color of Poltrona Frau leather sofas serves as the jumping color, which makes the whole space pure, light and luxurious. Several egret-theme photographs are specifically selected and hung on the wall, which resonates with the whole building and creates a world far away from the secularity.

Outside the Sales Center is the central water feature designed by NCD Studio which is pure and simple but elegant and charming: the smooth streamer-type combination looks like the spindrift caused unintentionally by the egrets and thus integrates itself perfectly into the whole building.

The building, the interior work, the furnishing, the architectural landscape and the concepts are highly unified together. This will finally contribute to a rich experience of multi-layered space, eliminate separation and alienation, deconstruct the cold barrier to communication effectively, encourage people to communicate with each other, and bring about the community identity and the sense of belonging of future residents.

04 KINCANG Egrets Project is an Exquisite Poem

Throughout the birth process of KINCANG Egrets Waves Sales Center, the LYCS design team has always kept a perfect balance among Originality”, “High-Quality” and “Speediness” when making its architectural choice. With the help of the integrative strategy, the consistent ideas and the close cooperation, LYCS architecture has been able to shorten the design time significantly while making its greatest effort to ensure the degree of originality and completion.

However, the design is only one part of the building process after all. The rapid completion of the project is absolutely inseparable from the joint efforts of the civil engineering team, the façade team, owners and other teams. Thank all the people responsible for making “egrets fly vigorously“.

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Status: Built
Location: Hangzhou, CN
Firm Role: PR
Additional Credits: PHOTOGRAPHER: WU Qingshan, Yifang Photography