Matiz Architecture and Design

Matiz Architecture and Design

New York, NY


NYU 404Fitness

Three floors of a landmark historic factory building on Lafayette street were renovated to provide a new athletic facility space for NYU. The first and second floors were renovated so new finishes and lighting could be installed, brightening up the deep floor plate. The cellar floor was gutted and a new concrete slab poured to mitigate longstanding moisture infiltration.

The new gym provides 31,500 square feet of exercise areas, locker rooms, and athletics department office space. Workout equipment is spread out across two floors, creating a visual and functional continuity for the space's users. A dance and multipurpose yoga room in the cellar round out the amenities of the facility known as 404Fitness. Activity returns to this old manufacturing building, and the sweat of a strenuous work out now supersedes the sweat of factory workers past.

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Status: Built
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US